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Data Processing

Digital Communications with Chaos,
Wai Tam, Francis Lau, Chi Tse
ISBN 0080451519   Price £89.00
Digital Compression for Multimedia
Jerry Gibson, Toby Berger, Tom Lookabaugh, Rich Baker, David Lindbergh
ISBN 1558603697   Price £71.00
Digital Image Processing Techniques
ISBN 012236760X   Price £107.50
Introduction to Data Compression
Khalid Sayood
ISBN 012620862X   Price £43.99
Lossless Compression Handbook
Khalid Sayood
ISBN 0126208611   Price £65.99
Principles of Database Query Processing for Advanced Applications
Clement Yu, Weiyi Meng
ISBN 1558604340   Price £61.99
Remote Sensing,
Robert Schowengerdt
ISBN 0123694078   Price £57.99
Transaction Processing
Jim Gray, Andreas Reuter
ISBN 1558601902   Price £80.00
Web Site Usability
Jared Spool, Tara Scanlon, Carolyn Snyder, Terri DeAngelo
ISBN 155860569X   Price £22.99