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Acoustics & Sound

Acoustic and Electromagnetic Scattering Analysis Using Discrete S
Adrian Doicu, Yuri Eremin, Thomas Wriedt
ISBN 0122197402   Price £65.99
Acoustic Wave Sensors
D.Ballantine Jr., White Northern Illinois University, Martin University of California, Ricco Sandia National Laboratories, Zellers Sandia National Laboratories, Frye University of Michigan
ISBN 0120774607   Price £84.00
Acoustics: Basic Physics, Theory and Methods.
Paul Filippi, Aime Bergassoli, Dominique Habault, Jean Lefebvre
ISBN 0122561902   Price £66.99
Advs in Image and Electronic Physic Volume 112
ISBN 0120147548   Price £126.00
Audio and Hi-Fi Handbook
Ian Sinclair
ISBN 0750649755   Price £38.99
Audio IC Users Handbook
RM Marston
ISBN 075063006X   Price £27.99
Building Valve Amplifiers
Morgan Jones
ISBN 0750656956   Price £21.99
Dictionary of Acoustics
ISBN 0125069405   Price £60.99
DVD Players and Drives
K.F. Ibrahim
ISBN 0750657367   Price £30.99
Electronic Classics
Andrew Emmerson
ISBN 0750637889   Price £27.99
Experimental methods in Physical Sciences Volume 40
Rogervan Zee, J. Patrick Looney
ISBN 0124759874   Price £118.00
Foundations of Engineering Acoustics
ISBN 0122476654   Price £53.99
Fourier Acoustics
Earl Williams
ISBN 0127539603   Price £72.00
Fundamentals of Acoustic Signal Processing
Mikio Tohyama, Tsunehiko Koike
ISBN 0126926603   Price £66.99
Handbook of Human Vibration
M. Griffin
ISBN 0123030412   Price £67.99
Handbook of the Speed of Sound in Real Gases,
Allan Zuckerwar, George Wong
ISBN 012782510X   Price £740.00
High Performance Audio Power Amplifiers
Ben Duncan
ISBN 0750626291   Price £53.99
Inverse Problems and Inverse Scattering of Plane Waves
ISBN 0122818652   Price £53.99
Music Projects
RA Penfold
ISBN 0750621192   Price £18.99
Nonlinear Acoustics
Mark Hamilton, David Blackstock
ISBN 0123218608   Price £84.00
Physical Acoustics Principles and Methods Volume 19
ISBN 0124779190   Price £147.00
Physical Acoustics Volume 25
R. Thurston, Allan Pierce, Emmanuel Papadakis
ISBN 0124779247   Price £137.00
RF Circuit Design
Christopher Bowick
ISBN 0750699469   Price £23.99
Self on Audio,
Douglas Self
ISBN 0750681667   Price £28.99
Signal Processing for Active Control
ISBN 0122370856   Price £78.00
Structural Acoustics and Vibration
Roger Ohayon, Christian Soize
ISBN 0125249454   Price £73.00
Surface Acoustic Wave Devices for Mobile and Wireless Communicati
Colin Campbell
ISBN 0121573400   Price £99.99
The Acoustic Bubble,
T. Leighton
ISBN 0124419216   Price £51.99
The Nature and Technology of Acoustic Space
Mikio Tohyama, Hideo Suzuki, Yoichi Ando
ISBN 0126925909   Price £110.00
The Science Of Hysteresis: Electromagnetism
Giorgio Bertotti, Isaak Mayergoyz
ISBN 0124808743   Price £275.00
Thin Film Micro-Optics,
Ruediger Grunwald
ISBN 0444517464   Price £83.00
Ultrasonic Instruments and Devices
Emmanuel Papadakis
ISBN 0125319517   Price £72.99
Ultrasound and Elastic Waves: FAQ for Practitioners
Brian Lempriere
ISBN 0124433456   Price £84.00
Valve Amplifiers
Morgan Jones
ISBN 0750656948   Price £31.99
Valve and Transistor Audio Amplifiers
JohnLinsley Hood
ISBN 0750633565   Price £28.99
Mohamad Qatu
ISBN 0080442714   Price £125.00
Video Scrambling & Descrambling
Rudolf Graf, William Sheets
ISBN 0750699973   Price £33.99