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Adv in Imaging and Electron Physics 118
ISBN 0120147602   Price £126.00
Trevor Linsley
ISBN 978-0-7506-8752-2   Price £19.99
Juha Lindfors
ISBN 0080435599   Price £62.99
Advances in Imaging & Electron Physics Volume 122
ISBN 0120147645   Price £110.00
Advances in Imaging & Electron Physics, Volume 106
Benjamin Kazan, Tom Mulvey, Peter Hawkes
ISBN 0120147483   Price £105.00
Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics Volume 120
ISBN 0120147629   Price £110.00
Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Volume 104
Tom Mulvey, Benjamin Kazan, Peter Hawkes
ISBN 0120147467   Price £110.00
Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, Volume 105
Tom Mulvey, Benjamin Kazan, Peter Hawkes
ISBN 0120147475   Price £110.00
V.N. Shah, P.E. MacDonald
ISBN 0444894489   Price £340.00
Analogue and Digital Communication Techniques
ISBN 0340731257   Price £22.99
ISBN 0080440940   Price £75.00
Automotive Computer Controlled Systems
Allan Bonnick
ISBN 0750650893   Price £33.99
Basic Electrical Installation Work
Trevor Linsley
ISBN 0750666242   Price £18.99
Battery Reference Book
TR Crompton
ISBN 075064625X   Price £210.00
Cellular Communications Explained,
Ian Poole
ISBN 0750664355   Price £20.99
Cognitive Radio Technology,
Bruce Fette
ISBN 0750679522   Price £51.99
Control of Induction Motor
Andrzej Trzynadlowski
ISBN 0127015108   Price £68.99
Control System Design Guide
George Ellis
ISBN 0122374614   Price £54.99
Control Theory and Design
Patrizio Colaneri, Jose Geromel, Arturo Locatelli
ISBN 0121791904   Price £57.99
Design of Medical Electronic Devices
Reinaldo Perez
ISBN 0125507119   Price £68.99
Detection of Signals in Noise
Robert McDonough, A. Whalen
ISBN 0127448527   Price £85.00
Electric Drives and Electromechanical Systems
Richard Crowder
ISBN 0750667400   Price £22.99
Electric Motors and Drives,
Austin Hughes
ISBN 0750647183   Price £18.99
Electric Vehicle Battery Systems
Sandeep Dhameja
ISBN 0750699167   Price £53.99
Electrical Engineering 101: Everything You Should Have Learned in
Darren Ashby
ISBN 0750678127   Price £33.99
Electrical Power Technology
DW Tyler
ISBN 0750634707   Price £21.99
Electrical Product Safety: A Step-by-Step Guide to LVD Self Asses
David Holland, Jimmy Tzimenakis
ISBN 0750646047   Price £56.99
Electronic Navigation Systems
Tetley, Calcutt
ISBN 0750651385   Price £57.99
Embedded Systems Architecture: A Comprehensive Guide for Engineer
Tammy Noergaard
ISBN 0750677929   Price £43.99
EMC for Product Designers
Tim Williams
ISBN 0750649305   Price £34.99
Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers
Philippe Becker, Anders Olsson, Jay Simpson
ISBN 0120845903   Price £73.00
Guided Wave Optical Components & Devices
Bishnu Pal
ISBN 012088481X   Price £48.99
Handbook of Fiber Optics: Theory and Applications
Chai Yeh
ISBN 0127704558   Price £112.00
High Frequency and Microwave Engineering
Eda Silva
ISBN 075065046X   Price £33.99
Industrial Brushless Servomotors
Peter Moreton
ISBN 0750639318   Price £41.99
Industrial Controls and Manufacturing
Edward Kamen
ISBN 0123948509   Price £48.99
Industrial Power Engineering Handbook
KC Agrawal
ISBN 0750673516   Price £120.00
Insights into Mobile Multimedia Communication
David Bull, C. Canagarajah, Andrew Nix
ISBN 0121403106   Price £72.00
Introduction to Copper Cabling,
John Crisp
ISBN 0750655550   Price £23.99
J.-M. Dion, L. Dugard, M. Fliess
ISBN 0080430473   Price £45.95
Magnetic Bearings and Bearingless Drives,
Akira Chiba, Tadashi Fukao, Osamu Ichikawa, Masahide Ooshima, Masatugo Takemoto, David Dorrell
ISBN 0750657278   Price £60.99
Yu-Sheng He, Pei-Heng Wu, Li-Fang Xu, Zhong-Xian Zhao
ISBN 0444828354   Price £81.00
Mechanical Engineer's Handbook
Dan Marghitu, J. Irwin
ISBN 012471370X   Price £58.99
Mobile Broadband Multimedia Networks,
LuisM. Correia
ISBN 0123694221   Price £51.99
Motorcycle Tuning Two-Stroke
ISBN 075061806X   Price £25.99
Motorcyle Tuning: Chassis
John Robinson
ISBN 075061840X   Price £24.99
Multidimensional Signal, Image, and Video Processing and Coding,
John Woods
ISBN 0120885166   Price £41.99
Multirate and Wavelet Signal Processing
Bruce Suter
ISBN 0126775605   Price £60.99
Music Engineering
Richard Brice
ISBN 0750650400   Price £31.99
Newnes Electrical Pocket Book
Martin Heathcote, E.A. Reeves
ISBN 0750647582   Price £21.99
Newnes Electrical Power Engineer's Handbook
DF Warne
ISBN 0750662689   Price £38.99
Newnes Radio and RF Engineering Pocket Book
Steve Winder, JosephJ. Carr
ISBN 0750656085   Price £19.99
Newnes TV and Video Engineer's Pocket Book
Eugene Trundle
ISBN 0750641940   Price £22.99
Nonimaging Optics
Roland Winston, Juan Minano, Pablo Benitez, WithcontributionsbyNarkisShatzandJohnC. Bortz
ISBN 0127597514   Price £51.99
Optical Fiber Telecommunications 11
Stewart Miller, Ivan Kaminow
ISBN 0124973515   Price £110.00
Pattern Recognition For Medical Imaging
Anke Meyer-Baese
ISBN 0124932908   Price £68.99
Permanent Magnetic and Electromechanical Devices
Edward Furlani
ISBN 0122699513   Price £110.00
Power Generation Technologies
Paul Breeze
ISBN 0750663138   Price £31.99
Practical Electric Motor Handbook
Irving Gottlieb
ISBN 0750636386   Price £27.99
Practical Grounding, Bonding, Shielding and Surge Protection
G Vijayaraghavan, Mark Brown, Malcolm Barnes
ISBN 0750663995   Price £38.99
Practical Guide to Low Voltage Directive
Gregg Kervill
ISBN 0750637455   Price £47.99
Practical Handbook of Photovoltaics: Fundamentals and Application
T. Markvart, L. Castaner
ISBN 1856173909   Price £175.00
Practical Power Distribution for Industry
JanDe Kock, Cobus Strauss
ISBN 0750663960   Price £38.99
Practical Power System Protection,
LG Hewitson, Mark Brown, Ramesh Balakrishnan
ISBN 0750663979   Price £38.99
Practical Variable Speed Drives and Power Electronics
Malcolm Barnes
ISBN 0750658088   Price £32.99
Principles of Functional Verification
Andreas Meyer
ISBN 0750676175   Price £45.99
Radio Antennas and Propagation
William Gosling
ISBN 0750637412   Price £22.99
Radio Spectrum Conservation
William Gosling
ISBN 0750637404   Price £23.99
Raman Amplification in Fiber Optical Communications Systems
Clifford Headley, Govind Agrawal
ISBN 0120445069   Price £48.99
Real Time UML Workshop for Embedded Systems,
Bruce Douglass
ISBN 0750679069   Price £31.99
Reliability and Failure of Electronic Materials and Devices
Milton Ohring
ISBN 0125249853   Price £86.00
RF Components and Circuits
Joe Carr
ISBN 0750648449   Price £29.99
Semiconductors and Semimetals (Volume 57)
Robert Willardson, Eicke Weber, Theodore Moustakas, Jacques Pankove
ISBN 0127521666   Price £131.00
Semiconductors and Semimetals Volume 51B
Robert Willardson, Eicke Weber, Michael Stavola
ISBN 0127521658   Price £116.00
Sensors and Transducers
Ian Sinclair
ISBN 0750649321   Price £33.99
Servicing Satellite TV Equipment
Nick Beer
ISBN 0750634251   Price £45.99
Shipboard Operations 2e
HI Lavery
ISBN 0750618574   Price £33.99
Signal and Image Representation in Combined Spaces
Yehoshua Zeevi, Ronald Coifman
ISBN 0127778306   Price £54.00
Signal Transmission
ISBN 0340705760   Price £19.99
Small Antenna Design
Douglas Miron
ISBN 0750678615   Price £36.99
Supermolecualr PhotoSensitive and Electroactive Materials
Hari Nalwa
ISBN 0125139047   Price £190.00
Switching Power Supplies A to Z,
Sanjaya Maniktala
ISBN 0750679700   Price £36.99
Synthetic Instruments: Concepts and Applications
Chris Nadovich
ISBN 075067783X   Price £33.99
Techniques for Adaptive Control
Vance VanDoren
ISBN 0750674954   Price £41.99
Telecommunicatiosn Demystified - A Volume in the Demystifying Tec
CarlR Nassar
ISBN 1878707558   Price £47.99
The Materials Science of Thin Films,
Milton Ohring
ISBN 0125249756   Price £72.00
F.J. MacWilliams, N.J.A. Sloane
ISBN 0444851933   Price £91.00
Third Generation CDMA Systems for Enhanced Data Services
Giridhar Mandyam, Jersey Lai, Jerry Gibson
ISBN 0124680410   Price £63.99
Transformers and Motors
GeorgePatrick Shultz
ISBN 0750699485   Price £35.99
Transmission and Distribution Electrical Engineering,
Colin Bayliss, Brian Hardy
ISBN 0750666730   Price £105.00
Troubleshooting Optical Fiber Networks
DuwayneR. Anderson, Larry M. Johnson, TheLightBrigadeKent WA
ISBN 0120586614   Price £51.99
Ultra Wideband Systems,
Roberto Aiello
ISBN 0750678933   Price £36.99
Undersea Fiber Communication Systems
ISBN 012171408X   Price £80.00
Understanding and Servicing CD Players
Ken Clements
ISBN 0750609346   Price £42.99
Understanding Telephone Electronics
JosephJ. Carr, Steve Winder, Stephen J. Bigelow
ISBN 0750671750   Price £24.99
Wdm Technologies: Active Optical Components
Masahiko Fujiwara, Niloy Dutta, Achyut Dutta, Kenichi IGA, (Contributor), Jens Buus
ISBN 0122252616   Price £75.00
Wireless Communications Design Handbook
Reinaldo Perez
ISBN 0125507224   Price £77.00
Wireless Communications Design Handbook (Volume 2)
Reinaldo Perez
ISBN 0125507232   Price £77.00
Wireless Communications Design Handbook (Volume I)
Reinaldo Perez
ISBN 0125507216   Price £74.00