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10 Cool Lego Mindstorm Dark Side Robots Transports and Creatures:
ISBN 1931836590   Price £18.99
A Guide to Neural Computing Applications
ISBN 0340705892   Price £49.99
A Mathematical Treatment of Economic Cooperation and Competition
Ethelbert Chukwu
ISBN 0444518592   Price £97.00
Applying UML
Rob Pooley, Pauline Wilcox
ISBN 0750656832   Price £30.99
Binary Digital Image Processing
Stéphane Marchand-Maillet, Yazid Sharaiha
ISBN 0124705057   Price £66.99
CD and DVD Forensics,
Paul Crowley
ISBN 1597491284   Price £27.99
E. Hollnagel
ISBN 0080428487   Price £81.00
Digital Video and HDTV Algorithms and Interfaces
Charles Poynton
ISBN 1558607927   Price £43.99
How to Build a Digital Library
Ian Witten, David Bainbridge
ISBN 1558607900   Price £40.99
Introduction To Multimedia Systems
Sugata Mitra, Gaurav Bhatnagar
ISBN 0125004524   Price £46.99
Mathematics and Multimedia
Mladen Wickerhauser
ISBN 0127484515   Price £55.99
Multimedia Security Technologies for Digital Rights Management,
Wenjun Zeng, Heather Yu, Ching-Yung Lin
ISBN 0123694760   Price £51.99
Understanding Users
Catherine Courage, Kathy Baxter
ISBN 1558609350   Price £37.99
Video Coding for Mobile Communications
Mohammed Al-Mualla, C. Canagarajah, David Bull
ISBN 0120530791   Price £60.99