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Tarek Ahmed, Paul McKinney
ISBN 0750677333   Price £65.99
Computational Rheology for Pipeline and Annular Flow CD-Rom
ISBN 0750674725   Price £585.00
Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing,
Saeid Mokhatab, William Poe, James Speight
ISBN 0750677767   Price £57.99
Oil Field Chemicals
Johannes Fink
ISBN 0750677031   Price £55.99
Petrophysics 2E
Djebbar Tiab, Erle Donaldson
ISBN 0750677112   Price £88.00
Pipeline Rules of Thumb 6E
E.W. McAllister
ISBN 0750678526   Price £75.00
The Drilling Fluids Processing Handbook
ASMEShaleShaker Committee
ISBN 0750677759   Price £67.99