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Controlling the World with your PC
Paul Bergsman
ISBN 1878707159   Price £33.99
Digital and Computer Projects
Robert Davis
ISBN 0750671726   Price £17.99
Interfacing with C
Howard Hutchings, Mike James
ISBN 0750648317   Price £22.99
Newnes PC Troubleshooting Pocket Book
Howard Anderson, Mike Tooley
ISBN 0750659882   Price £20.99
PC Interfacing
Pei An
ISBN 0750636378   Price £30.99
PCI Bus Demystified 2E - A volume in the Demystifying Technology
Doug Abbott
ISBN 0750677392   Price £40.99
Practical Data Acquisition for Instrumentation and Control
John Park, Steve Mackay
ISBN 0750657960   Price £40.99