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Industrial Health & Safety

Blame Machine: Why Human Error Causes Accidents
R.B. Whittingham
ISBN 0750655100   Price £35.99
Enhancing Occupational Safety and Health
GeoffreyA. Taylor, Kellie Easter, Roy Hegney
ISBN 0750661976   Price £36.99
Health and Safety at Work: Key Terms
Jeremy Stranks
ISBN 0750654465   Price £22.99
Health and Safety in Brief
John Ridley
ISBN 0750662115   Price £18.99
Health and Safety Pocket Book
Jeremy Stranks
ISBN 0750667818   Price £20.99
ISBN 0444427287   Price £88.00
G.E. Bradley, H.W. Hendrick
ISBN 0444899529   Price £130.00
Introduction to Health and Safety at Work
Phil Hughes, Ed Ferrett
ISBN 0750666234   Price £39.99
Lighting for Health and Safety
NA Smith
ISBN 0750645660   Price £40.99
Managing Health and Safety in Building and Construction
Anthony Clarke
ISBN 0750640154   Price £35.99
Managing Noise and Vibration at Work
Tim South
ISBN 0750663421   Price £27.99
Maritime Transportation: Safety Management and Risk Analysis
Svein Kristiansen
ISBN 0750659998   Price £54.99
Occupational Audiometry
Maryanne Maltby
ISBN 0750666587   Price £27.99
Practical Machinery Safety
David Macdonald
ISBN 0750662700   Price £38.99
Probabilistic Safety Assessment in the Chemical and Nuclear Indus
Ralph Fullwood
ISBN 0750672080   Price £80.00
RF and Microwave Radiation Safety
Ronald Kitchen
ISBN 0750643552   Price £74.00
Safety and Security at Sea
DS Bist, Master Mariner
ISBN 0750647744   Price £31.99
Tolley's Fire Safety Training Manual
Sullivan Dan, Lawrence Webster Forrest ???fire engineering and risk management consultants, U.K.
ISBN 0754521834   Price £71.00
Tolley's Managing Stress in the Workplace
Carole Spiers
ISBN 075451269X   Price £43.99
Tolley's Practical Risk Assessment Handbook,
Mike Bateman
ISBN 0750669896   Price £41.99
Tolley's Risk Assess Workbook Series: Offices
EdwardG Hines, AllanStJohn Holt
ISBN 0754518892   Price £71.00
Tolley's Risk Assessment Workbook Series: Construction
Jim Allen, Geoff Morris, AllanStJohn Holt
ISBN 0754524302   Price £65.99
Tolley's Risk Assessment Workbook Series: Leisure
Ingrid Siebert, AllanStJohn Holt
ISBN 0754518922   Price £65.99
Tolley's Risk Assessment Workbook Series: Retail
Jacquie Welham, AllanStJohn Holt
ISBN 0754518906   Price £65.99
Tolley's Risk Assessment Workbook Series: Utilities,
Peter Ellis, Jaan Stanton, AllanStJohn Holt
ISBN 0754525384   Price £65.99
Tolley's Risk Assessment Workbook Series:Manufacturing
Ingrid Siebert, AllanStJohn Holt
ISBN 0754518884   Price £65.99
Tolley's Workplace Accident Handbook
Mark Tyler
ISBN 0754520234   Price £39.99