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Production & Operations Management

Improving Changeover Performance
Culley, Mileham, McIntosh, Owen
ISBN 0750650877   Price £40.99
Maintenance Systems and Documentation,
Anthony Kelly
ISBN 0750669942   Price £36.99
Managing Maintenance Resources,
Anthony Kelly
ISBN 0750669934   Price £36.99
Mechanical Engineering
Alan Darbyshire
ISBN 0750657618   Price £21.99
Plant Engineer's Reference Book 2E HB
DennisA Snow
ISBN 0750644524   Price £140.00
Plant Maintenance Management Set,
Anthony Kelly
ISBN 0750669950   Price £95.00
Principles of Engeering Manufacturing 3rd Edition
V. Chiles, Black, Lissaman, Martin
ISBN 0340631953   Price £34.99
Process Planning
ISBN 0750651296   Price £30.99
Process Selection
K.G. Swift, J.D. Booker
ISBN 0750654376   Price £31.99
Strategic Maintenance Planning,
Anthony Kelly
ISBN 0750669926   Price £36.99