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Ships & Shipbuilding

Cargo Work for Maritime Operations
DavidJ House
ISBN 0750665556   Price £33.99
Command Companion of Seamanship Techniques
DavidJ House
ISBN 0750644435   Price £34.99
Diesel Engines
AJ Wharton
ISBN 0750602171   Price £22.99
Feed Water Systems and Treatment
GTH Flanagan
ISBN 0750603682   Price £21.99
Introduction to Naval Architecture
EC Tupper
ISBN 0750665548   Price £38.99
Lamb's Questions and Answers on Marine Diesel Engines
ISBN 0852643071   Price £110.00
Marine Boilers
GTH Flanagan
ISBN 0750618213   Price £22.99
Marine Electrical Equipment and Practice
HD McGeorge
ISBN 0750616474   Price £18.99
Navigation Control Manual
AG Bole, C.E. Nicholls, WO Dineley
ISBN 0750605421   Price £47.99
Pounder's Marine Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines
Doug Woodyard
ISBN 0750658460   Price £82.00
Radar and Arpa Manual
AG Bole, W.O. Dineley
ISBN 0750608188   Price £53.99
Seamanship Examiner
David J House, Farhan Saeed
ISBN 075066701X   Price £31.99
Seamanship Techniques,
DavidJ House
ISBN 0750663154   Price £48.99
Ship Construction,
DJ Eyres
ISBN 0750680709   Price £34.99
Ship Design and Performance for Masters and Mates
DrCB Barrass
ISBN 0750660007   Price £20.99
Ship Hydrostatics and Stability,
DrAdrian Biran
ISBN 0750649887   Price £43.99
Ship Stability for Masters and Mates
DrCB Barrass, Capt DR Derrett
ISBN 0750667842   Price £31.99
Ship Stability: Notes and Examples
DrCB Barrass
ISBN 0750648503   Price £22.99
Understanding GMDSS: Global MAritime Distress Safety Systems
Tetley, Calcutt
ISBN 0340610425   Price £95.00