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Developing Practical Wireless Applications
Dean A. Gratton
ISBN 1555583105   Price £29.99
Discrete Cosign Transform: Algorithms, Advantages, Applications
K. Rao, P. Yip
ISBN 012580203X   Price £58.99
Satellite Communications: Principles & Applications
Calcutt, Tetley
ISBN 034061448X   Price £47.99
Telephone Installation Handbook
Stephen Roberts, Telecommsengineerand writer
ISBN 0750652691   Price £27.99
The Foundations of Magnetic Recording
John Mallinson
ISBN 0124666264   Price £58.99
The Mobile Connection
Rich Ling
ISBN 1558609369   Price £23.99
TV & Video Engineer's Reference Book
DrBoris Townsend, Kenneth G.L. Jackson
ISBN 0750619538   Price £83.99
Wireless Networking Technology,
Steve Rackley
ISBN 0750667885   Price £29.99