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Industrial Management

Competitive Engineering
Tom Gilb
ISBN 0750665076   Price £27.99
Hazardous Waste Compliance: 2000 and Beyond
Clifford Florczak, James Roughton
ISBN 0750674369   Price £50.99
Industrial Machinery Repair
Ricky Smith, R.Keith Mobley
ISBN 0750676213   Price £22.99
ISO 9000 Quality Systems Handbook
David Hoyle
ISBN 0750667850   Price £40.99
Know The Risk: Learning From Errors and Accidents: Safety and Ris
Romney Duffey, John Saull
ISBN 0750675969   Price £40.99
Machine Vision 3e
E.R. Davies
ISBN 0122060938   Price £54.99
Manufacturing in Real-Time: Managers, Engineers and an Age of Sma
Gian Frontini, Scott Kennedy
ISBN 0750677228   Price £35.99
Plant Engineers Handbook 2nd Edition
R.Keith Mobley
ISBN 0750673281   Price £100.00
Pocket Guide to Preventing Material Mix-Ups
Bert Moniz
ISBN 0884153444   Price £31.99
Practical Industrial Data Communications Best Practice Techniques
Deon Reynders, Steve Mackay, Edwin Wright
ISBN 0750663952   Price £38.99
Project Management, Planning and Control
Albert Lester
ISBN 075066956X   Price £41.99
Reinventing Lean,
Gerhard Plenert
ISBN 0123705177   Price £36.99
Statistical Process Control
JohnS Oakland
ISBN 0750657669   Price £35.99
Total Plant Performance
R.Keith Mobley
ISBN 0884158772   Price £68.99
Turnaround, Shutdown and Outage Management
Tom Lenahan
ISBN 0750667877   Price £33.99
World Class Applications of Six Sigma,
Jiju Antony, Ashok Kumar, Ricardo Banuelas
ISBN 0750664592   Price £27.99
Writing for Science and Engineering: Papers, Presentations and Re
Heather Silyn-Roberts
ISBN 0750646365   Price £19.99