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Information Management

Business Intelligence
David Loshin
ISBN 1558609164   Price £25.99
Computer Hardware Maintenance
StephenC Rood
ISBN 0750694947   Price £37.99
Computer-Managed Maintenance Systems 2E
WilliamW. Cato, R. Keith Mobley
ISBN 0750674733   Price £43.99
Data Model Patterns: A Metadata Map,
David Hay
ISBN 0120887983   Price £41.99
Groupware, Workflow and Intranets
Dave Chaffey
ISBN 1555581846   Price £37.99
How to Cheat at IT Project Management ,
Susan Snedaker
ISBN 1597490377   Price £27.99
IT Manager's Handbook
Bill Holtsnider, Brian Jaffe
ISBN 1558606467   Price £28.99
IT Manager's Handbook,
Bill Holtsnider, Brian Jaffe
ISBN 012370488X   Price £35.99
Real-Life MDA,
Michael Guttman, John Parodi
ISBN 0123705924   Price £28.99
Socially Responsible IT Management
Michael Erbschloe
ISBN 1555582907   Price £35.99
The Enterprise Architecture IT Project
Christophe Longépé
ISBN 1903996384   Price £45.99
Understanding Networked Applications
David Messerschmitt
ISBN 1558605371   Price £60.99