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Computer Graphics

3D Game Engine Architecture,
David H. Eberly
ISBN 012229064X   Price £45.99
3D Game Engine Design,
DavidH. Eberly
ISBN 0122290631   Price £41.99
3D Game Engine Design,
David H. Eberly
ISBN 1558605932   Price £50.99
Tom McReynolds, David Blythe
ISBN 1558606599   Price £43.99
Advanced RenderMan
Anthony Apodaca, Larry Gritz
ISBN 1558606181   Price £55.95
Advanced Techniques for Assessment Surface Topography
Liam Blunt, Xiang Jiang
ISBN 1903996112   Price £105.00
An Introduction to NURBS: With Historical Perspective
David Rogers
ISBN 1558606696   Price £40.99
An Introduction to Ray Tracing
Andrew Glassner
ISBN 0122861604   Price £61.99
An Introduction to Splines for Use in Computer Graphics and Geome
Richard Bartels, John Beatty, Brian Barsky
ISBN 1558604006   Price £47.99
Better Game Characters by Design,
Katherine Isbister
ISBN 1558609210   Price £31.99
C.A. Pickover
ISBN 0444500022   Price £116.00
Collision Detection in Interactive 3D Environments,
Ginovanden Bergen
ISBN 155860801X   Price £43.99
Complete Maya Programming: An Extensive Guide to MEL and the C++
David A.D. Gould, WetaDigital Zealand
ISBN 1558608354   Price £33.99
Complete Maya Programming: Volume 2
DavidA.D. Gould
ISBN 0120884828   Price £39.99
Compression Algorithms for Real Programming
Peter Wayner
ISBN 0127887741   Price £37.99
Computer Animation
Richard Parent
ISBN 1558605797   Price £49.99
Curves and Surfaces in Geometric Modeling
Jean Gallier
ISBN 1558605991   Price £54.99
Digital Cinematography
Bende Leeuw
ISBN 0122088751   Price £33.99
Digital Geometry
Reinhard Klette, Azriel Rosenfeld
ISBN 1558608613   Price £46.99
Digital Watermarking
Ingemar Cox, Matthew Miller, Jeffrey Bloom, Mathew Miller
ISBN 1558607145   Price £53.99
Disappearing Crytography
Peter Wayner
ISBN 1558607692   Price £35.99
Essential Matematics for Games and Interactive Applications
James M.Van Verth, LarsM. Bishop
ISBN 155860863X   Price £38.99
Feature Extraction and Image Processing
Mark Nixon, Alberto Aguado
ISBN 0750650788   Price £33.99
Fractal Imaging
Wei-Kao Lu
ISBN 0124580106   Price £46.99
Game Physics
David H. Eberly, Ken Shoemake
ISBN 1558607404   Price £48.99
Geometric Tools for Computer Graphics
Philip Schneider, David H. Eberly
ISBN 1558605940   Price £50.99
Graphics Gems
ISBN 0122861663   Price £48.99
Graphics Gems II
James Arvo
ISBN 0120644819   Price £48.99
Graphics Gems IV (IBM Edition)
Paul Heckbert
ISBN 0123361559   Price £50.99
Graphics Gems V (IBM Edition)
Alan Paeth
ISBN 0125434553   Price £53.99
Handbook Of Imaging And Video Processing
Al Bovik
ISBN 0121197921   Price £73.00
High Dynamic Range Imaging
Erik Reinhard, Greg Ward, Sumanta Pattanaik, PaulE. Debevec
ISBN 0125852630   Price £41.99
Information Visualization Perception for Design
Colin Ware
ISBN 1558608192   Price £41.99
Interactive QuickTime
Matthew Peterson
ISBN 1558607463   Price £40.99
Jim Blinn's Corner
Jim Blinn
ISBN 1558603875   Price £28.99
Jim Blinn's Corner
Jim Blinn
ISBN 1558604553   Price £28.99
Jim Blinn's Corner: Notation, Notation, Notation
Jim Blinn
ISBN 1558608605   Price £33.99
Level Of Detail For 3D Graphics
David Luebke, Martin Reddy, Jonathan D. Cohen, Amitabh Varshney, Benjamin Watson, Robert Huebner
ISBN 1558608389   Price £50.99
Making Them Move
Norman Badler, Brian Barsky, David Zeltzer
ISBN 1558601066   Price £50.99
MEL Scripting for Maya Animators
MarkR. Wilkins, Chris Kazmier
ISBN 0120887932   Price £31.99
Multimedia and Hypertext,
Jakob Nielsen
ISBN 0125184085   Price £35.99
Non-photorealistic Computer Graphics: Modeling Rendering and Anim
Thomas Strothotte, Stefan Schlechtweg
ISBN 1558607870   Price £48.99
Nonlinear Image Processing
Giovanni Sicuranza, Sanjit Mitra
ISBN 0125004516   Price £68.99
Physically-Based Modeling For Computer Graphics
Ronen Barzel, Alan Barr
ISBN 0120798808   Price £40.99
Physically-Based Rendering
Matt Pharr, Greg Humphreys
ISBN 012553180X   Price £54.99
Principles of Digital Image Synthesis
Andrew Glassner
ISBN 1558602763   Price £100.00
Programming with Quartz
David Gelphman, Bunny Laden
ISBN 0123694736   Price £41.99
Pyramid Algorithms: A Dynamic Programming Approach to Curves and
Ron Goldman
ISBN 1558603549   Price £60.99
QuickTime for .NET and COM Developers,
John Cromie
ISBN 0127745750   Price £41.99
Quicktime Toolkit Volume One
Tim Monroe
ISBN 0120884011   Price £41.99
Quicktime Toolkit Volume Two
Tim Monroe
ISBN 012088402X   Price £43.99
Radiosity and Realistic Image Synthesis
Michael Cohen, John Wallace
ISBN 0121782700   Price £48.99
Real Time Shader Programming
Ron Fosner
ISBN 1558608532   Price £37.99
Real-Time Collision Detection,
Christer Ericson
ISBN 1558607323   Price £43.99
Subdivision Methods for Geometric Design
Joe Warren, Henrik Weimer
ISBN 1558604464   Price £42.99
Texturing and Modeling A Procedural Approach
David Ebert, F.Kenton Musgrave, Darwyn Peachey, Ken Perlin, Steven Worley, William Mark
ISBN 1558608486   Price £55.99
The Art and Science of Digital Compositing
Ron Brinkmann
ISBN 0121339602   Price £43.99
Charles Hansen, ChrisR. Johnson
ISBN 012387582X   Price £60.99
A.K. Jain, P.J. Flynn
ISBN 0444897976   Price £131.00
Topics in Multivariate Approximation and Interpolation
Kurt Jetter, Martin Buhmann, Werner Haussmann, Robert Schaback, Joachim Stoeckler
ISBN 0444518444   Price £100.00
Usability Engineering,
Jakob Nielsen
ISBN 0125184069   Price £24.99
Video Compression Techniques
ISBN 3920993136   Price £31.99
Visualizing Quaternions,
AndrewJ. Hanson
ISBN 0120884003   Price £48.99
Wavelets for Computer Graphics
Eric Stollnitz, Anthony DeRose, David Salesin
ISBN 1558603751   Price £50.99