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.NET Explained: An IT Professionals Guide to Microsoft .NET
Nigel Stanley
ISBN 1555582850   Price £40.99
.NET Mobile Web Developers Guide
ISBN 1928994563   Price £36.99
2000 active directory
ISBN 1928994601   Price £36.99
Administering Cisco QoS in IP Networks
ISBN 1928994210   Price £44.99
Architectures for Next Generation VOLP Networks
Daniel Minoli
ISBN 075068206X   Price £36.99
ASN.1 Complete
John Larmouth
ISBN 0122334353   Price £42.99
ATM and Internet Protocol
Bentall, Turton, Hobbs
ISBN 0340719214   Price £39.99
Bluetooth Application Programming with the Java APIs
CBala Kumar, Paul Kline, Tim Thompson
ISBN 1558609342   Price £35.99
Building a VoIP Network with Nortel?s Multimedia Comm Server 5100
Larry Chaffin
ISBN 1597490784   Price £34.99
Building DMZs For Enterprise Networks
ISBN 1931836884   Price £39.99
Praphul Chandra
ISBN 0750677465   Price £33.99
Checkpoint Next Generation Security Administration
ISBN 1928994741   Price £45.99
Cisco AVVID and IP Telephony Design & Implementation
ISBN 1928994830   Price £51.99
Cisco Security Specialists Guide to PIX Firewall
ISBN 1931836639   Price £45.99
Combating Spyware in the Enterprise ,
Paul Piccard
ISBN 1597490644   Price £29.99
Communication Networking: An Analytical Approach
Anurag Kumar, D. Manjunath, Joy Kuri
ISBN 0124287514   Price £54.99
ISBN 0444505490   Price £195.00
Computer Networks
Larry Peterson, Bruce Davie
ISBN 155860832X   Price £55.00
Computer Networks,
Larry Peterson, Bruce Davie
ISBN 1558608338   Price £36.99
Configuring Cisco Voice Over IP
ISBN 1931836647   Price £51.99
Configuring IPv6 For Cisco IOS
ISBN 1928994849   Price £51.99
Configuring Juniper Networks NetScreen & SSG Firewalls ,
Rob Cameron, Chris Cantrell, Anne Hemni, Lisa Lorenzin
ISBN 1597491187   Price £27.99
Configuring SonicWALL Firewalls ,
Dan Bendell
ISBN 1597492507   Price £29.99
Configuring Symantec AntiVirus Enterprise Edition
ISBN 1931836817   Price £41.99
Configuring Windows 2000 without Active Directory
ISBN 1928994547   Price £34.99
Consumers Guide to Cell Phones and Wireless Service Plans
ISBN 1928994520   Price £15.99
Content Networking
Markus Hofmann, Leland Beaumont
ISBN 1558608346   Price £36.99
Control and Dynamic Systems
Cornelius Leondes
ISBN 0124438679   Price £60.00
Convergence Of Voice Video & Data Networks
Juanita Ellis, Charles Pursell, Joy Rahman
ISBN 0122365429   Price £45.99
Cyber Adversary Characterization
ISBN 1931836116   Price £33.99
Deploying LINUX On The Desktop
Edward Haletky
ISBN 1555583288   Price £33.99
Designing A Wireless Network
ISBN 1928994458   Price £36.99
Designing and Building Enterprise DMZs ,
Hal Flynn
ISBN 1597491004   Price £34.99
Developing IP Based Services: Solutions for Service Providers and
Monique Morrow, Cisco Systems, Kateel Vijayananda
ISBN 155860779X   Price £38.99
Dr Tom Shinder's ISA Server and Beyond: Real World Security Solut
ISBN 1931836663   Price £43.99
Enemy at the Water Cooler: True Stories of Insider Threats and En
Brian Contos
ISBN 1597491292   Price £29.99
Enterprise Directory and Security Implementation Guide
Charles Carrington, Tim Speed, Juanita Ellis, Steffano Korper
ISBN 0121604527   Price £38.99
Enterprise Portals: A Manager's Guide
ISBN 155558280X   Price £35.99
Ethereal Packet Sniffing
ISBN 1932266828   Price £34.99
Fibre Channel 2E: Connection to the Future
ISBN 1878707450   Price £17.99
Firewall Policies and VPN Configurations,
Syngress, Dale Liu, Stephanie Miller, Mark Lucas, Abhishek Singh, Jennifer Davis
ISBN 1597490881   Price £29.99
Getting Started with OpenVMS: A Guide for New Users
Michael Duffy
ISBN 1555582796   Price £30.99
Groupware 93
ISBN 1558603115   Price £50.99
Hack Proofing ColdFusion
ISBN 1928994776   Price £36.99
Hack Proofing Your Identity In The Information Age
ISBN 1931836515   Price £21.99
Hack Proofing Your Network
ISBN 1928994709   Price £36.99
Hack the Stack: The 8 Layers of An Insecure Network ,
Michael Gregg
ISBN 1597491098   Price £29.99
Hacking the Code
ISBN 1932266658   Price £38.99
Hackproofing Your Wireless Network
ISBN 1928994598   Price £36.99
Handbook of Visual Communications
Hseuh-Ming Hang, John Woods
ISBN 0123230500   Price £95.00
High Performance Communication Networks
Jean Walrand, Pravin Varaiya
ISBN 1558606548   Price £44.99
High Performance Data Network Design
Tony Kenyon
ISBN 1555582079   Price £42.99
How to Cheat at Designing a Windows Server 2003 Active
B. Barber, Melissa Craft, Michael Cross, Hal Kurz
ISBN 159749058X   Price £23.99
How to Cheat at Designing Security for a Windows Server 2003 Netw
Chris Ruston, Chris Peiris
ISBN 1597492434   Price £24.99
How to Cheat at Managing Windows Server Update Services
B. Barber
ISBN 159749027X   Price £24.99
How to cheat at managing windows small business server
Susan Snedaker
ISBN 1932266801   Price £29.99
How to Cheat at Securing a Wireless Network ,
Chris Hurley, Lee Barken
ISBN 1597490873   Price £23.99
IM Security
John Rittinghouse
ISBN 1555583385   Price £38.99
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
Cornelius Leondes
ISBN 0124438652   Price £59.00
Implementation Techniques
Cornelius Leondes, Cornelius Leondes
ISBN 0124438636   Price £59.00
Implementing 802.11, 802.16, 802.20 Wireless Networks
Ron Olexa
ISBN 0750678089   Price £31.99
Industrial and Manufacturing Systems
Cornelius Leondes, Cornelius Leondes
ISBN 0124438644   Price £55.99
IP Addressing & Subnetting INC IPV6
ISBN 1928994016   Price £39.99
IPv6 Clearly Explained
Pete Loshin
ISBN 1558608109   Price £34.99
IPv6 Network Programming
ISBN 1555583180   Price £31.99
It Critical Physical Security
Michael Erbschloe
ISBN 155558327X   Price £33.99
Location Based Services
Jochen Schiller, Agnčs Voisard
ISBN 1558609296   Price £33.99
Managing Cisco Network Security
ISBN 1931836566   Price £41.99
MCSA/MCSE Implementing Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windo
ISBN 1931836922   Price £41.99
MCSE Designing a Windows Server 2003 Active Directory and Network
ISBN 1932266577   Price £43.99
MCSE Designing Security for a Windows Server 2003 Network Exam 70
ISBN 1932266550   Price £41.99
MCSE Implementing and Administering Security in a Windows 2000 Ne
ISBN 1931836841   Price £43.99
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 Deployment and Migration
ISBN 1555583164   Price £38.99
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Deployment and Migration SP1 and
Kieran McCorry
ISBN 1555583490   Price £36.99
Microsoft Sharepoint Technologies 2003 Planning Design and Implem
Kevin Laahs, Emer McKenna, Veli-Matti Vanamo
ISBN 1555583016   Price £39.99
Microsoft? Exchange Server 2003 Scalability with SP1 and SP2,
Pierre Bijaoui
ISBN 1555583008   Price £41.99
Jerry Cochran
ISBN 155558294X   Price £36.99
Modern Cable Television Technology Video Voice and Data Communica
Walter Ciciora, James Farmer, David Large, Broadband Semantics, Inc.
ISBN 1558608281   Price £57.99
MPLS Network Management: MIBs, Tools and Techniques
Thomas Nadeau, Cisco Systems
ISBN 155860751X   Price £40.99
Multicast Sockets: Practical Guide for Programmers
David Makofske, Kevin Almeroth
ISBN 155860846X   Price £16.99
Nessus Network Auditing
ISBN 1931836086   Price £31.99
Nessus, Snort, & Ethereal Power Tools: Customizing Open Source Se
Brian Caswell, Jay Beale, Gilbert Ramirez, Noam Rathaus
ISBN 1597490202   Price £23.99
Network + Study Guide & Practice Exams: Exam N10-003
Robert Shimonski
ISBN 1931836426   Price £24.99
Network Algorithmics
George Varghese
ISBN 0120884771   Price £41.99
Network Analysis Architecture Design
James McCabe
ISBN 1558608877   Price £44.99
Network Programming in NET
Fiach Reid
ISBN 1555583156   Price £37.99
Network Recovery,
Jean-Philippe Vasseur, Mario Pickavet, Piet Demeester
ISBN 012715051X   Price £43.99
Network Security Assessment: From Vulnerability to Patch ,
Steve Manzuik, Ken Pfeil, Andrew Gold
ISBN 1597491012   Price £34.99
Network Security Evaluation Using the NSA IEM
Russ Rogers, Ed Fuller, Greg Miles, Bryan Cunningham
ISBN 1597490350   Price £38.99
Network Security,
Jan Harrington
ISBN 0123116333   Price £33.99
Network Simulation Experiments Manual
ISBN 0120421712   Price £14.99
Networking and Internetworking with Microcontrollers
Fred Eady
ISBN 0750676981   Price £43.99
Networking Explained. 2nd Edition
Michael Gallo, Bill Hancock
ISBN 1555582524   Price £42.99
Nokia Network Security Solutions Handbook
ISBN 1931836701   Price £41.99
Optical Networks,
Rajiv Ramaswami, Kumar Sivarajan
ISBN 1558606556   Price £55.99
Optimization Techniques
Cornelius Leondes
ISBN 0124438628   Price £63.00
K. Matsuno, A. Ecer, P Fox, J. Periaux, N. Satofuka
ISBN 0444506802   Price £95.00
PC Interfacing and Data Acquisition
Kevin James
ISBN 0750646241   Price £40.99
Policy Based Network Management
ISBN 1558608591   Price £45.99
Practical Modern SCADA Protocols
Gordon Clarke, Deon Reynders
ISBN 0750657995   Price £36.99
Practical TCP/IP and Ethernet Networking for Industry
Deon Reynders, Edwin Wright
ISBN 0750658061   Price £40.99
Practical VoIP Security ,
Thomas Porter
ISBN 1597490601   Price £29.99
RF Engineering for Wireless Networks
Daniel Dobkin
ISBN 0750678739   Price £46.99
Rick Gallahers MPLS Training Guide
ISBN 1932266003   Price £41.99
Routing Flow And Capacity Design In Communication and Computer Networks
Michal Pióro, Deepankar Medhi
ISBN 0125571895   Price £35.99
Scaling Microsoft Exchange Server: Create & Optimize High Perfo
Pierre Bijaoui
ISBN 1555582397   Price £40.99
Secure Your Network for Free,
Eric Seagren
ISBN 1597491233   Price £22.99
Securing HP NonStop Servers in an Open Systems World,
ISBN 155558344X   Price £62.99
Securing IM and P2P Applications for the Enterprise ,
Marcus Sachs, Paul Piccard
ISBN 1597490172   Price £29.99
Security Sage's Guide to Hardening the Network Infrastructure
ISBN 1931836019   Price £43.99
Security+ Study Guide and DVD Training System
ISBN 1931836728   Price £41.99
Pei Zheng, Lionel Ni
ISBN 0120885603   Price £27.99
Sniffer Pro Network Optimization & Troubleshooting Handbook
ISBN 1931836574   Price £34.99
Snort 2.1 Intrusion Detection
ISBN 1931836043   Price £31.99
Snort Intrusion Detection 2.0
ISBN 1931836744   Price £37.99
Special Ops: Host and Network Security for Microsoft Unix and Ora
ISBN 1931836698   Price £46.99
Stealing The Network
ISBN 1931836876   Price £37.99
Stealing the Network,
ISBN 1597490814   Price £27.99
TCP/IP Embedded Internet Applications
Edward Insam
ISBN 0750657359   Price £37.99
TCP/IP Sockets in C: Practical Guide for Programmers
Michael Donahoo, Kenneth Calvert
ISBN 1558608265   Price £17.99
TCP/IP Sockets In C#
David Makofske, Michael Donahoo, Kenneth Calvert
ISBN 0124660517   Price £14.99
TCP/IP Sockets in Java
Kenneth Calvert, Michael Donahoo
ISBN 1558606858   Price £16.99
The Best Damn Firewall Book Period
ISBN 1931836906   Price £41.99
The Internet And Its Protocols
Adrian Farrel
ISBN 155860913X   Price £34.99
The Struts Framework: A Practical Guide for Java Programmers
Sue Spielman
ISBN 1558608621   Price £17.99
The Ultimate Cisco and Security and IP Configuration CD
ISBN 1597492523   Price £62.99
The Ultimate MCSE 2003 CD
ISBN 1928994881   Price £62.99
ISBN 155558330X   Price £41.99
TPC/IP Clearly Explained
Pete Loshin
ISBN 155860782X   Price £37.99
Traffic Engineering & QoS Optimization of Integrat Voice & Data
Gerald Ash
ISBN 0123706254   Price £36.99
Troubleshooting Windows 2000 TCP/IP
ISBN 1928994113   Price £34.99
Understanding and Designing Computer Networks
ISBN 0340614196   Price £27.99
Video Conferencing over IP: Configure, Secure, and Troubleshoot,
Michael Gough
ISBN 1597490636   Price £29.99
Virtual Private Networks
Dennis Fowler
ISBN 1558605754   Price £32.99
James Ransome
ISBN 1555583326   Price £33.99
Wide Area Network Design
Robert Cahn
ISBN 1558604588   Price £63.99
Wireless Hacking: Projects For Wi-Fi Enthusiasts
Lee Barken
ISBN 193183637X   Price £24.99
Wireless Sensor Networks
Feng Zhao, Leonidas Guibas
ISBN 1558609148   Price £46.99
Wirelss Operational Security
ISBN 1555583172   Price £43.99
Wireshark & Ethereal Network Protocol Analyzer Toolkit,
Angela Orebaugh, Gilbert Ramirez, Jay Beale
ISBN 1597490733   Price £27.99