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Mathematical & Statistical Software

A MatLab Companion for Multivariable Calculus
Jeffery Cooper
ISBN 012187625X   Price £25.99
A Physicist's Guide To Mathematica
Patrick Tam
ISBN 0126831904   Price £53.99
An Introduction to Chemical Engineering Analysis Using Mathematic
Henry Foley
ISBN 0122619129   Price £74.00
Differential Equations with Maple V,
Martha Abell, James Braselton
ISBN 0120415607   Price £30.99
Joy of Mathematica,
Alan Shuchat, Fred Shultz
ISBN 0126407304   Price £49.99
Lab Manual for Linear Algebra
Fred Szabo
ISBN 0126801355   Price £75.00
Linear Algebra & Linear Operators in Engineering
H. Davis, Kendall Thomson
ISBN 012206349X   Price £75.00
Linear Algebra with Maple
Fred Szabo
ISBN 0126801401   Price £71.00
Maple By Example,
Martha Abell, James Braselton
ISBN 0120885263   Price £36.99
Mathematica by Example,
Martha Abell, James Braselton
ISBN 0120415631   Price £43.99
Heikki Ruskeepaa
ISBN 012603642X   Price £43.99