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Programming Languages

Advances in Computers (Volume 44)
Marvin Zelkowitz
ISBN 0120121441   Price £80.00
An Introduction to Programming with IDL
Kenneth Bowman
ISBN 012088559X   Price £33.99
Building Robots With Lego Mindstorms
ISBN 1928994679   Price £21.99
C# 2.0,
Michelde Champlain, Brian Patrick
ISBN 0121674517   Price £15.99
Common LISP
ISBN 1555580416   Price £55.99
Compaq Visual Fortran: A Guide to Creating Windows Applications
Norman Lawrence
ISBN 1555582494   Price £39.99
Digital Visual Fortran Programmer's Guide
Michael Etzel, Karen Dickinson
ISBN 1555582184   Price £50.99
Essential Java for Scientists and Engineers
BrianD Hahn, Katherine M Malan
ISBN 0750659912   Price £25.99
Fortran 90 for Scientists and Engineers
BrianD Hahn
ISBN 0340600349   Price £30.99
Fortran Programmes
A.Kayode Coker
ISBN 0884152804   Price £110.00
Globus Toolkit 4
Borja Sotomayor, Lisa Childers
ISBN 0123694043   Price £20.99
Groovy Programming,
Kenneth Barclay, John Savage
ISBN 0123725070   Price £28.99
Higher-Order Perl
MarkJason Dominus
ISBN 1558607013   Price £39.99
Introduction to C++
Steve Heller
ISBN 0123390990   Price £35.99
Java Cryptography Extensions
Jason Weiss
ISBN 0127427511   Price £14.99
Joe Celko's SQL Puzzles and Answers, Second Edition,
Joe Celko
ISBN 0123735963   Price £31.99
M Programming: A Comprehensive Guide
Richard Walters
ISBN 1555581676   Price £45.99
Mathematics Mechanization and Applications
Dongming Wang, Xiao-Shan Gao
ISBN 0127347607   Price £100.00
Microcontroller Projects in C for the 8051,
Dogan Ibrahim
ISBN 0750646403   Price £30.99
Motif Programming
Marshall Brain
ISBN 1555580890   Price £42.99
Object Orientated Implementation
Didier Besset
ISBN 1558606793   Price £48.99
Object Oriented C++ Data Structures for Real Programmers
Jan Harrington
ISBN 0123264294   Price £29.99
Object Oriented Languages
ISBN 0124773907   Price £59.99
Object Oriented Programming under Windows NT and 95
Stephen Morris
ISBN 1555581935   Price £37.99
PIC BASIC: Programming and Projects
Dogan Ibrahim
ISBN 0750652292   Price £24.99
Practical Parallel Programming
Barr Bauer
ISBN 0120828103   Price £45.99
Precise Numerical Methods Using C++
Oliver Aberth
ISBN 0120417502   Price £48.99
Productive Objects
Robert Muller
ISBN 1558604375   Price £53.99
Programming Language Pragmatics,
Michael Scott
ISBN 1558605789   Price £38.99
Programming Language Progmatics
Michael Scott
ISBN 0126339511   Price £36.99
Ruby Developers Guide
ISBN 1928994644   Price £36.99
A. Cavalli, A. Sarma
ISBN 0444828168   Price £170.00
Tcl/tk For Real Programmers
Clif Flynt
ISBN 1558608028   Price £40.99
The Student's Guide to VHDL
Peter Ashenden
ISBN 1558605207   Price £22.99
The System Designer's Guide to VHDL-AMS,
Peter Ashenden, Gregory Peterson, Darrell Teegarden
ISBN 1558607498   Price £48.99
Web Services: Theory and Practice
ISBN 1555582826   Price £29.99