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Understanding the Light Microscope

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Understanding the Light Microscope

D. Goldstein

ISBN 0122886607
Pages 160

Understanding the Light Microscope consists of four original computer programs with an explanatory book. Author Dan Goldstein says using the programs can teach aspects of microscopy and diffraction often missed from formal courses, adding, '... what one non-mathematician has created should not be beyond the understanding of others!' The book aims to provide understanding at a level deeper than customary in existing texts and in a form accessible to microscope users, particularly biologists. It covers simple ray optics, the aberrations of 'real' (thick) lenses, polarized light, and the influence of diffraction on imaging. The book can be read alone, but appreciation of its contents is greatly enhanced when used in conjunction with the programs.
D J Goldstein was a Nuffield Dominion Travelling Fellow at Oxford University and a visiting Professor in Pittsburgh. He taught at the Universities of the Witwatersrand (Johannesburg, South Africa) and Sheffield (UK) while publishing research in embryology, histology, immunology, histochemistry and microscopy. Since retiring in 1989 as Reader in Anatomy at Sheffield University, he has been an independent research worker in biomedical science.

Diagrams in the Text. Preface. Simple Ray Optics (The Kohler Program). Lenses and Lens Aberrations (The Snellius Program). Elementary Diffraction Theory (Mainly Due to Abbe). Extension of the Abbe Theory to Transparent Objects (Zernike's Phase Contrast). Function of the Microscope Condenser--Partially Coherent Illumination. Interference Contrast. Dark-Field and Related Techniques. Gegenfeld.'Modulation Contrast'. Apodization. Fluorescence. Confocal Scanning. Microdensitometry. Polarized Light (The Nicol Program). How the Zernike Program Works. How to Use the Zernike Program. Some Suggested Exercises Using the Zernike Program. Bibliography. Index.