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Acoustics: Basic Physics, Theory and Methods.

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Acoustics: Basic Physics, Theory and Methods.

Paul Filippi, Aime Bergassoli, Dominique Habault, Jean Lefebvre

ISBN 0122561902
Pages 317

The book is devoted to the very basis of acoustics and vibro-acoustics. The physics of the phenomena, the analytical methods and the modern numerical techniques are presented in a concise form. Many examples illustrate the fundamental problems and predictions (analytic or numerical) and are often compared to experiments. Some emphasis is put on the mathematical tools required by rigorous theory and reliable prediction methods.

Foreword. Preface. Jean-Pierre Lefebvre, Physical Basis of Acoustics. Review of Mechanics of Continua. Elementary Acoustics. Elementary Acoustics of Solids. Conclusion. Bibliography. Acoustics of Enclosures. General Statement of the Problem. Sound Field Inside a Parallelepipedic Enclosure: Free Oscillations and Eignemodes. Transient Phenomena-Reverberation Time. Acoustic Field Inside a Circular Enclosure: Introduction to the Method of Separation of Variables. Enclosures Bounded by Plane Surfaces; Introduction to the Method of Images. General Case Introduction to the Green's Representation of Acoustic Fields. Bibliography. Diffraction of Acoustic Waves and Boundary Integral Equations. Radiation of Simple Sources in Free Space. Green's Representation of the Solution of Linear Acoustics Boundary Value Problems. Representation of a Different Field by a Layer Potential. Boundary Integral Equations. Two-dimensional Neumann Problem for a Circular Boundary. Bibliography. Dominique Habault, Outdoor Sound Propagation. Ground Effect in a Homogeneous Atmosphere. Diffraction by an Obstacle in Homogeneous Atmosphere. Sound Propagation in an Inhomogeneous Medium. Bibliography. Dominique Habault, Analytic Expansions and Approximation Methods. Asymptotic Expansions Obtained from Integral Expressions. Kirchoff Approximation. Neumann Series. W.K.B> Method. Born and Rytov Approximations. Image Method, Ray Method, Geometrical Theory of Diffraction. Parabolic Approximation. Wiener-Hopf Method. Bibliography. Dominique Habault, Boundary Integral Equation Methods--Numerical Techniques. Techniques of Solution of Integral Equations. Singularities. Bibliography. Aime Bergassoli, Introduction to Guided Waves. Definitions and General Remarks. The Problem of the Waveguide. Radiation of SOurces in Ducts with 'Sharp' Interfaces. Shallow Water Guide. Duct with Absorbing Walls. Ducts with Varying Cross Section. Bibliography. Paul J.T. Filippi, Transmission and Radiation of Sound by Thin Plates. A Simple One-dimensional Example. Equation Governing the Norma Displacement of a Thin Elastic Plate. Infinite Fluid-Loaded Thin Plate. Finite-dimension Baffled Plate: Expansions of the Solution into a Series of Eigenmodes and Resonance Modes. Finite-dimension Baffled Plate: Boundary Integrals Representation of the Solution and Boundary Integral Equations. Conclusion. Bibliography. Problems. Dominique Habault and Paul J.T. Filippi, Mathematical Appendix: Notations and Definitions. Bibliography. Index.