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Transmission Lines and Lumped Circuits

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Transmission Lines and Lumped Circuits

Giovanni Miano, Antonio Maffucci

ISBN 0121897109
Pages 479

The theory of transmission lines is a classical topic of electrical engineering. Recently this topic has received renewed attention and has been a focus of considerable research. This is because the transmisson line theory has found new and important applications in the area of high-speed VLSI interconnects, while it has retained its significance in the area of power transmission. In many applications, transmission lines are connected to nonlinear circuits. For instance, interconnects of high-speed VLSI chips can be modelled as transmission lines loaded with nonlinear elements. These nonlinearities may lead to many new effects such as instability, chaos, generation of higher order harmonics, etc. The mathematical models of transmission lines with nonlinear loads consist of the linear partial differential equations describing the current and voltage dynamics along the lines together with the nonlinear boundary conditions imposed by the nonlinear loads connected to the lines. These nonlinear boundary conditions make the mathematical treatment very difficult. For this reason, the analysis of transmission lines with nonlinear loads has not been addressed adequately in the existing literature. The unique and distinct feature of the proposed book is that it will present systematic, comprehensive, and in-depth analysis of transmission lines with nonlinear loads.

Foreword Preface Introduction Transmission Line Equations and Properties Ideal Two-Conductor Transmission Lines Connected to Lumped Circuits Ideal Multiconductor Transmission Lines Lossy Two-Conductor Transmission Lines Lossy Two-Conductor Transmission Lines with Frequency-Dependent Parameters Lossy Multiconductor Transmission Lines Nonuniform Transmission Lines Transmission Line Equations in Characteristic Form Lumped Nonlinear Networks Interconnected by Transmission Lines Qualitative Analysis of an Ideal Two-Conductor Line Connected to Nonlinear Resistors: Periodic Solutions, Bifurcations and Chaos Appendix A: Some Useful Notes on the Matrix Operators Appendix B: Some Useful Notes on the Laplace Transformation Appendix C: Some a-priori Estimates Appendix D: Tables of Equivalent Representations of Transmission Lines References Index