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An Introduction To Wavelets

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An Introduction To Wavelets

ISBN 0121745848
Pages 266

An Introduction to Wavelets is the first volume in a new series, WAVELET ANALYSIS AND ITS APPLICATIONS. This is an introductory treatise on wavelet analysis, with an emphasis on spline wavelets and time-frequency analysis. Among the basic topics covered in this book are time-frequency localization, integral wavelet transforms, dyadic wavelets, frames, spline-wavelets, orthonormal wavelet bases, and wavelet packets. In addition, the author presents a unified treatment of nonorthogonal, semiorthogonal, and orthogonal wavelets. This monograph is self-contained, the only prerequisite being a basic knowledge of function theory and real analysis. It is suitable as a textbook for a beginning course on wavelet analysis and is directed toward both mathematicians and engineers who wish to learn about the subject. Specialists may use this volume as a valuable supplementary reading to the vast literature that has already emerged in this field.

An Overview: From Fourier Analysis to Wavelet Analysis. The Integral Wavelet Transform and Time-Frequency Analysis. Inversion Formulas and Duals. Classification of Wavelets. Multiresolution Analysis, Splines, and Wavelets. Wavelet Decompositions and Reconstructions. Fourier Analysis: Fourier and Inverse Fourier Transforms. Continuous-Time Convolution and the Delta Function. Fourier Transform of Square-Integrable Functions. Fourier Series. Basic Convergence Theory and Poisson's Summation Formula. Wavelet Transforms and Time-Frequency Analysis: The Gabor Transform. Short-Time Fourier Transforms and the Uncertainty Principle. The Integral Wavelet Transform. Dyadic Wavelets and Inversions. Frames. Wavelet Series. Cardinal Spline Analysis: Cardinal Spline Spaces. B-Splines and Their Basic Properties. The Two-Scale Relation and an Interpolatory Graphical Display Algorithm. B-Net Representations and Computation of Cardinal Splines. Construction of Spline Approximation Formulas. Construction of Spline Interpolation Formulas. Scaling Functions and Wavelets: Multiresolution Analysis. Scaling Functions with Finite Two-Scale Relations. Direct-Sum Decompositions of L2(R). Wavelets and Their Duals. Linear-Phase Filtering. Compactly Supported Wavelets. Cardinal Spline-Wavelets: Interpolaratory Spline-Wavelets. Compactly Supported Spline-Wavelets. Computation of Cardinal Spline-Wavelets. Euler-Frobenius Polynomials. Error Analysis in Spline-Wavelet Decomposition. Total Positivity, Complete Oscillation, Zero-Crossings. Orthogonal Wavelets and Wavelet Packets: Examples of Orthogonal Wavelets. Identification of Orthogonal Two-Scale Symbols. Construction of Compactly Supported Orthogonal Wavelets. Orthogonal Wavelet Packets. Orthogonal Decomposition of Wavelet Series. Notes. References. Subject Index. Appendix.