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Resolving Conflicts With Mathematica

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Resolving Conflicts With Mathematica

ISBN 0121588556
Pages 338

The revised and updated edition of this popular German textbook is unique in its emphasis on algorithmic methods and in its original use of Mathematica as a tool to obtain solutions to game-theoretical models.

Resolving Conflicts with Mathematica begins with the basic theory of extensive and normal form games, as well as introducing the fundamental concept of Nash equilibria. The restriction to two-person games helps to make the material more digestible for the beginner. In later chapters the subtleties of degenerate games are discussed thoroughly. Many aspects of equilibrium selection theory are treated, including algorithms for determining evolutionary stable equilibria in biology. Finally, the book looks at the wide-scale application of game theory to practical conflict situations.

Resolving Conflicts with Mathematica includes a set of Mathematica programs which implement all of the algorithms described in the text. Exercises are closely integrated with the book's material and Mathematica 'notebooks' are supplied with each of the chapters.