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Fundamentals of Air Pollution

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Fundamentals of Air Pollution

Richard Boubel, Donald Fox, Bruce Turner, Arthur Stern

ISBN 0121189309
Pages 574

This new edition of the premier air pollution textbook is completely updated and revised to include all components of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. Fundamentals of Air Pollution, Third Edition covers the spectrum of topics pertinent to the study of air pollution: elements, sources, effects, measurement, monitoring, meteorology, and regulatory and engineering control. In addition, the textbook features new chapters on atmospheric emissions from hazardous waste sites, air pathways from hazardous waste sites, and the long-term effects of air pollution on the earth. It also presents updated information on acidic development, long-distance transport, atmospheric chemistry, and mathematical modeling. With extensive references, suggested reading lists, questions, and new figures and tables, this text will serve as an invaluable resource for students and practitioners alike.

Part I: The Elements of Air Pollution: The History of Air Pollution. The Natural versus Polluted Atmosphere. Scales of the Air Pollution Problem. Air Quality. The Philosophy of Air Pollution Control. Sources of Air Pollution. Part II: The Effects of Air Pollution: Effects on Human Health and Welfare. Effects on Vegetation and Animals. Effects on Materials and Structures. Effects on the Atmosphere, Soil, and Water Bodies. Long-Term Effects on the Planet. Part III:Measurement and Monitoring of Air Pollution: Atmospheric Chemistry. Ambient Air Sampling. Ambient Air Pollutants: Analysis and Measurement. Air Pollution Monitoring and Surveillance. Air Pathways from Hazardous Waste Sites. Part IV: The Meteorologyof Air Pollution: The Physics of the Atmosphere. The Meteorological Bases of Atmospheric Pollution. Transport and Dispersion of Air Pollutants. Air Pollution Modeling and Prediction. Air Pollution Climatology. Part V: The Regulatory Control of AirPollution: Air Quality Criteria and Standards. Indoor Air Quality. The U.S. Clean Air Act Amendments of 1990. Emission Standards. The Elements of Regulatory Control. Organizations for Air Pollution Control. Part VI: The Engineering Control of Air Pollution: Engineering Control Concepts. Control Devices and Systems. Control of Stationary Sources. Control of Mobile Sources. Source Sampling and Monitoring. Chapter References. Suggested Reading. Questions. Subject Index.