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Intro to Differentiable Manifolds Revised

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Intro to Differentiable Manifolds Revised

William Boothby, William Boothby

ISBN 0121160513
Pages 400

The second edition of this text has sold over 6,000 copies since publication in 1986 and this revision will make it even more useful. This is the only book available that is approachable by 'beginners' in this subject. It has become an essential introduction to the subject for mathematics students, engineers, physicists, and economists who need to learn how to apply these vital methods. It is also the only book that thoroughly reviews certain areas of advanced calculus that are necessary to understand the subject.

Introduction to Manifolds; Functions of Several Variables and Mappings; Differentiable Manifolds and Submanifolds; Vector Fields on a Manifold; Tensors and Tensor Fields on Manifolds; Integration on Manifolds; Differentiation on Riemannian Manifolds; Curvature; Index