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Dynamics of Offshore Structures

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Dynamics of Offshore Structures

Minoo H Patel

ISBN 1 874612 31 5

The study of the dynamics of offshore structures has matured significantly over the last six years. The development of engineering analysis and design methods for these structures has required contributions from a number of different disciplines. It is the purpose of this book to present an integrated treatment of the main subject areas that both fixed and floating offshore structures.
The contents seek to balance a consideration of theoretical aspects with a thorough discussion of practical issues. As well as an emphasis on fluid mechanics, gravity wave theories, wave loading and structure response, there are sections covering model testing, operational requirements and design and certification. In this way the book is of value to the professional engineer while providing student with an academically rigorous treatment of fundamental areas. Selective lists of original source references are cited, including research results relevant to current design practice and those recent advances expected to have a future impact on offshore structure design practice.

Introduction; The ocean environment; Basic fluid mechanics; Gravity wave theories; Fluid loading on offshore structures; Structural response; Hydrostatics of floating bodies; Dynamic response of floating structures in waves; Model testing of offshore structures; Appendices