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Advances in Heat Transfer, Volume 33

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Advances in Heat Transfer, Volume 33

Thomas Irvine, Young Cho, George Greene

ISBN 0120200333
Pages 524

Advances in Heat Transfer is designed to fill the information gap between regularly scheduled journals and university level textbooks by providing in-depth review articles over a broader scope than is allowable in either journals or texts.

Contributors. C. Saltiel and A. Datta, Heat and Mass Transfer in Microwave Processing. J. Seyed-Yagoobi and J.E. Bryan, Enhancement of Heat Transfer and Mass Transport in Single-Phase and Two-Phase Flows With Electrohydrodynamics. S. Kumar and K. Mitra, Microscale Aspect of Thermal Radiation Transport and Laser Applications. J. Taine and N. Soufiani, Gas IR Radiative Properties: From Spectroscopic Data to Approximate Models. H. Muller-Steinhagen, Cooling Water Fouling In Heat Exchangers.