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Adv In Imaging & Electron Physics Vol131

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Adv In Imaging & Electron Physics Vol131

Peter Hawkes

ISBN 0120147734
Pages 247

The subjects reviewed in the 'Advances' series cover a broad range of themes including microscopy, electromagnetic fields and image coding.

This book is essential reading for electrical engineers, applied mathematicians and robotics experts.

Chapter 1 ???Introduction to Hypergraph Theory and Its Use in Engineering and Image Processing (BRETTO); Chapter 2 - Image Segmentation Using the Wigner-Ville Distribution (HORMIGO/CRISTOBAL); Chapter 3 ???Statistical and Deterministic Regularities: Utilization of Motion and Grouping in Biological and Artificial Visual Systems (KRUEGER/WORGOTTER); Chapter 4 ???The Hopping Electron Cathode for Cathode Ray Tubes (ROSINK et al)