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Advances In Imaging And Electron Physics vol 130

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Advances In Imaging And Electron Physics vol 130

Peter Hawkes

ISBN 0120147726
Pages 315

The subjects reviewed in the 'Advances' series cover a broad range of themes including microscopy, electromagnetic fields and image coding. This volume concentrates on microscopy and pattern recognition and also electron physics.

Several of these topics are covered in this volume, which opens with a long
chapter of monograph stature on quantitative electron microscopy at the
atomic resolution level by scientists from a well-known and very
distinguished Antwerp University Laboratory. This is unique in that the
statistical aspects are explored fully. This is followed by a contribution
by A.M. Grigoryan and S.S. Again on transform-based image enhancement,
covering both frequency-ordered systems and tensor approaches. The volume
concludes with an account of the problems of image registration and ways of
solving them by Maria Petrou of the University of Surrey; feature detection,
related image transforms and quality measures are examined separately.

The text bridges the gap between academic researchers and R&D designers by addressing and solving daily issues, which makes this book essential reading.

Chapter 1 ???Statistical Experimental??? (Van DYCK et al) Chapter 2 - Transform-Based.., (GRIGORYAN/AGAIAN) Chapter 3 ???Image Registration (PETROU)