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Compliant Offshore Structures

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Compliant Offshore Structures

Minoo H Patel and Joel Witz

ISBN 1 874612 30 7

Over the last two decades, exploitation of the United Kingdom's offshore oil and gas reserves has prompted a substantial level of research activity in marine technology. This work has been directed towards the development of offshore structures designed to provide cost-effective platforms for operation. The contents of this book are designed to convey to the reader some of the fascinating technical problems associated with compliant structures, as well as providing a stimulus towards future developments.
The first four chapters are dedicated to the various conventional and newly emerging methods of hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis. This is followed in the next seven chapters by descriptions of practical analysis methods for a variety of conventional and novel compliant structures. Semi-submersibles, ship forms tensioned buoyant platforms, crane vessels and vertical marine risers are also considered among the conventional structures Attention is focused on modern compliant structures which are believed to have a future application, bringing together analysis methods and their implementations for a whole range of conventional and novel compliant systems.

Ocean Wave Excitation; Hydrostatic Analysis; Dynamic Response Analysis; Semi-submersible and Ship Forms; Tensioned Buoyant Platforms; Dynamics of Crane Vessels; Tandem Hull Floating Vessels; Articulated Structures; Air Cavities; Vertical Marine Risers; Linear Wave Theory