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Advances in Control and Dynamic Systems Volume 77

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Advances in Control and Dynamic Systems Volume 77

Cornelius Leondes

ISBN 0120127776
Pages 401

Praise for the Series
'This book will be a useful reference to control engineers and researchers. The papers contained cover well the recent advances in the field of modern control theory.'
--IEEE Group Correspondence
'This book will help all those researchers who valiantly try to keep abreast of what is new in the theory and practice of optimal control.'

I. Pitas, C. Kotropoulos, and A.N. Venetsanopoulos, Techniques in Knowledge-Based Signal/Image Processing and Their Application in Geophysical Image Interpretation. D.D. Bennink and F.D. Groutage, The Foundations ofNearfield Acoustic Holography in Terms of Direct and Inverse Diffraction. P.A. Stubberud, A Design Technique for 2-D Linear Phase Frequency Sampling Filters with Fourfold Symmetry. F. Li and Y. Lu, Unified Bias Analysis of Subspace-Based DOAEstimation Algorithms. P.R. White, Detection Algorithms for Underwater Acoustic Transients. J. Yang and M. Smith, Constrained and Adaptive ARMA Modeling as an Alternative to the DFT--with Application to MRI. J. Ghosh, K. Tumer, S. Beck, andL. Deuser, Integration of Neural Classifiers for Passive Sonar Signals. W.S. Gan, Techniques in the Application of Chaos Theory in Signal and Image Processing. Subject Index.