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Advances in Control and Dynamic Systems Volume 74

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Advances in Control and Dynamic Systems Volume 74

Cornelius Leondes

ISBN 0120127741
Pages 313

'This book will be a useful reference to control engineers and researchers. The papers contained cover well the recent advances in the field of modern control theory.'
--IEEE Group Correspondence
'This book will help all those researchers who valiantly try to keep abreast of what is new in the theory and practice of optimal control.'

P.G. Voulgaris and M.A. Dahleh, Optimal and Robust Controllers for Periodic and Multirate Systems. M.S. Radenkovic and A.N. Michel, Discrete-Time Robust Adaptive Control Systems. G.G. Zhu and R.E. Skelton, A Two-Riccati, Feasible Algorithm for Guaranteeing Output L-infinite Constraints. S.K. Das and P.K. Rajagopalan, Techniques of Analysis and Robust Control via Zero-Placement of Periodically Compensated Discrete-Time Plants. R.J. Patton and J. Chen, Robust Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI) Systems. Y. Mutoh, T. Shen, and P.N. Nikiforuk, Absolute Stability of Discrete Nonlinear Feedback Systems. A.A. Mohammad and J.A. De Abreu-Garcia, Continuous Time and Discrete Time Lyapunov Equations: Review and New Directions. Subject Index.