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Flow-induced alignment in composite materials

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Flow-induced alignment in composite materials

Edited by T D Papthanasiou, D C Guell

ISBN 1 85573 254 8
Pages 300

The purpose of aligning short fibers in a fiber-reinforced material is to improve the mechanical properties of the resulting composite. Aligning the fibers, generally in a preferred direction, allows them to contribute as much as possible to reinforcing the material. In some cases, the mechanical properties of these aligned, short-fiber composites can approach those of continuous-fiber composites, with the advantages of lower production costs and greater ease of production. Since its publication, this book has been consistently recognised as one of the most important contributions to this field.

Flow-induced alignment in composite materials: current applications and future prospects; Fiber-fiber and fiber-wall interactions during the flow of non-dilute suspensions; Macroscopic modelling of the evolution of fiber orientation during flow; Flow-induced alignment in injection moulding of fiber-reinforced polymer composites; Control and manipulation of fiber orientation in large-scale processing; Theory and simulation of shear flow-induced microstructure in liquid crystalline polymers; Mesostructural characterisation of aligned fiber composites; Materials property modelling and design of short fiber composites; Micromechanical modelling in aligned-fiber composites: prediction of stiffness and permeability using the boundary method.