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Advances in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Vol 50

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Advances in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics Vol 50

Benjamin Bederson, Herbert Walther

ISBN 0120038501
Pages 320

This series, established in 1965, is concerned with recent developments in the general area of atomic, molecular and optical physics. The field is in a state of rapid growth, as new experimental and theoretical techniques are used on many old and new problems. Topics covered include related applied areas, such as atmospheric science, astrophysics, surface physics and laser physics. Articles are written by distinguished experts who are active in their research fields. The articles contain both relevant review material and detailed descriptions of important recent developments.

Assessment of the Ozone Isotope Effect, K. Mauersberger, D. Krankowsky, C. Janssen and R. Schinke Atom Optics, Guided Atoms, and Atom Interferometry, J. Arlt, G. Birkl, E. Rasel and W. Ertmer Atom-Wall Interaction, D. Bloch and M. Ducloy Atoms Made Entirely of Antimatter: Two Methods Produce Slow Antihydrogen, G. Gabrielse Ultrafast Excitation, Ionization and Fragmentation of C60, I.V. Hertel, T. Laarmann and C.P. Schulz Index Contents of Volumes in this Serial