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Subsea and Pipeline Engineering

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Subsea and Pipeline Engineering


ISBN 1 874612 12 9

This handbook presents a whole range of work leading to the final selection of facilities for a subsea field development, presented in sixteen sections prepared.
Various aspects of subsea engineering are described together with typical field development options. Umbilicals, cables and flexible pipes are also considered and their essential design parameters are identified. Methods of progressing subsea systems are investigated, through to the point at which detailed design can begin. Reliability issues are covered by means of a methodological risk analysis, and the book includes summaries of key considerations for easy reference.

Introduction to Subsea Engineering; Drilling; Throughwater Communications; Digital Sonar Beam Forming; Flexible Risers; Static and Hydrodynamic Analysis; Design Procedures for Umbilical Load Out and Installation; Failures; Pipeline Design and Evaluation; Collapse and Buckling; Vortex Induced Oscillations; Installation Methods; Risk Analysis