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Low-Crested Breakwater Design,

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Low-Crested Breakwater Design,

H.F. Burcharth, Stephen Hawkins, Barbara Zanuttigh, A. Lamberti

ISBN 0080449514
Pages 448

Part I. Guidelines 1. Definition of LCSs covered by the guidelines 2. Function of LCSs 3. Objectives and target effects of LCSs 4. Outline of design procedure 5. Initial considerations 6. Investigation of environmental conditions 7. Conceptual/pre-design alternatives 8. Detailed design of preferred scheme 9. Materials for LCSs 10. Construction of LCSs Part II. Appendix 11. Case Studies 12. An example of environmental design of coastal defence Part III. Tools 13. Design tools related to engineering 14. Background knowledge and tools for prediction of ecological impacts 15. Design tools related to socio-economics