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G.H. Paulino

ISBN 0080441602
Pages 298

Scientific research on functionally graded materials (FGM's) looks at functions of gradients in materials comprising thermodynamic, mechanical, chemical, optical, electromagnetic, and/or biological aspects.

This collection of technical papers represents current research interests with regard to the fracture behaviour of FGM's. The papers provide a balance between theoretical, computational, and experimental techniques. It also indicates areas for increased development, such as constraint effects, full experimental characterization of engineering FGM's under static and dynamic loading, development of fracture criteria with predictive capability, multiphysics and multiscale failure considerations, and connection of research with industrial applications.

Editorial (G.H. Paulino). Statistical fracture modeling: Crack path and fracture criteria with application to homogeneous and functionally graded materials (T.L. Becker et al .). Mixed-mode fracture of orthotropic functionally graded materials using finite elements and the modified crack closure method (J.-H. Kim, G.H. Paulino). Analysis of spallation mechanism in thermal barrier coatings with graded bond coats using the higher-order theory for FGMs (M.-J. Pindera et al ). On the use of effective properties for the fracture analysis of microstructured materials (J.E. Dolbow, J.C. Nadeau). Theoretical investigation of the effect of plasticity on crack growth along a functionally graded region between dissimilar elastic-plastic solids (V. Tvergaard). R -curve behavior in alumina-zirconia composites with repeating graded layers (R.J. Moon et al .). Effects of residual stress and geometry on crack kink angles in graded composites (J. Chapa-Cabrera, I.E. Reimanis). Influence of elastic variations on crack initiation in functionally graded glass-filled epoxy (C.-E. Rousseau, H.V. Tippur). Investigation of crack growth in functionally graded materials using digital image corellation (J. Abanto-Bueno, J. Lambros). Thermal fracture behaviour of metal/ceramic functionally graded materials (A. Kawasaki, R. Watanabe). A surface crack in a graded medium loaded by a sliding rigid stamp (S. Dag, F. Erdogan). On the dynamic propagation of a finite crack in functionally graded materials (S.A. Meguid et al .). A viscoelastic functionally graded slip containing a crack subjected to in-plane loading (Z.-H. Jin, G.H. Paulino). Transient thermoelastic responses of functionally graded materials containing collinear cracks (N. Noda, B.L. Wang).