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M. Elices, J. Llorca

ISBN 0080441041
Pages 400

The idea for this book came out of the EURESCO Conference on High Performance Fibers: Euroconference on Fiber Fracture in 2000. Many of the books that are currently available look at different aspects of fiber processing, properties, or applications, but none are focussed on the fracture behaviour of fibers. This book presents the mechancisms and models of fiber fracture currently available for both natural and synthetic fibers, and it is expected that increasingly there will be cross fertilization between the fields, opening new frontiers in academic research and more competitive products for industry. It covers the following areas of fiber fracture: ceramic fibers; glass fibers; carbon filters; metallic fibers and thin wires; polymeric fibers; and carbon nanotubes.

Introduction . Fiber fracture: an overview (K.K. Chawla). Models of fibre fracture (M. Elices, J. Llorca). Forms of fracture (J.W.S. Hearle). Ceramic Fibers . Fracture processes in fine silicon carbide fibres (A. Bunsell). Fracture processes in oxide ceramic fibres(M.H. Berger). Fracture characteristics of single crystal and eutectic fibers (A. Sayir, S.C. Farmer). Glass Fibers . Strength of glass fibers (P.K. Gupta). Carbon Fibers . Fracture of carbon fibers (J.G. Lavin). Metallic Fibers . Strength and fracture of metallic filaments (H.U Künzi). Fracture of superfine metallic wires (K. Yoshida). Polymeric Fibers . Fracture of highly-orientated, chain-extended polymer fibres (J.W.S. Hearle). Fracture of synthetic polymeric fibers (Y. Termonia). Fracture of natural polymeric fibers (C. Viney). Fracture of common textile fibres (J.W.S. Hearle). Nanofibers . Atomic transformations, strength, plasticity, and electron transport in strained carbon nanotubes (I. Bernmolc et al .).