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'Geotechnical Compendium I' provides a collection of the best articles from the year 2000. The papers, selected by the Editors, are taken from the following journals:

Computers and Geotechnics

Geotextiles and Geomembranes

International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences

Journal of Terramechanics

Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering

Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology

Chapter headings . Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering . Energy dissipating restrainers for highway bridges (J.-M. Kim et al .). Seismic stability analysis of reinforced slopes (E. Ausilio et al .). Simulation of liquefaction beneath an impermeable surface layer (N. Yoshida, W.D.L. Finn). Earthquake resistant construction techniques and materials on Byzantine monuments in Kiev (A. Moropoulou et al. ). Computers and Geotechnics . Influence of the kinematic testing conditions on the mechanical response of a sand (D. Sterpi). Formulation of anisotropic failure criteria incorporating a microstructure tensor (S. Pietruszczak, Z. Mroz). Numerical study of rock and concrete behaviour by discrete element modelling (F. Camborde et al .). International Journal of Rock Mechanics and Mining Sciences . A three-dimensional numerical model for thermohydromechanical deformation with hysteresis in a fractured rock mass (V. Guvanasen, T. Chan). Influence of fracture geometry on shear behavior (S. Gentier et al .). Constraining the stress tensor in the Visund field, Norwegian North Sea: application to wellbore stability and sand production (D. Wiprut, M. Zoback). Estimating mechanical rock mass parameters relating to the Three Gorges Project permanent shiplock using an intelligent displacement back analysis method (Xia-Ting Feng et al .). The strength of hard-rock pillars (C.D. Martin, W.G. Maybee). Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology . Tunnels in Opalinus Clayshale- a review of case histories and new developments (H.H. Einstein). Application of the convergence-confinement method of tunnel design to rock masses that satisfy the Hoek-Brown failure criterion (C. Carranza-Torres, C. Fairhurst). Geotextiles and Geomembranes . Data base of field incidents used to establish HDPE geomembrane stress crack resistance specifications (Y.G. Hsuan). Evaluation and suggested improvements to highway edge drains incorporating geotextiles (G.P. Raymond et al .). Diffusion of sodium and chloride through geosynthetic clay liners (C.B. Lake, R.K. Rowe). Journal of Terramechanics . Simulation of soil deformation and resistance at bar penetration by the Distinct Element Method (H. Tanaka et al .). Bearing capacity of forest access roads built on peat soils (M.J. O'Mahony et al .).