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J. Zaras, K. Kowal-Michalska, J. Rhodes

ISBN 0080439551
Pages 780

This volume contains the papers presented at the Third International Conference on Thin-Walled Structures, Cracow, Poland on June 5-7, 2001.
There has been a substantial growth in knowledge in the field of Thin-Walled Structures over the past few decades. Lightweight structures are in widespread use in the Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical, Automobile, Chemical and Offshore Engineering fields. The development of new processes, new methods of connections, new materials has gone hand-in-hand with the evolution of advanced analytical methods suitable for dealing with the increasing complexity of the design work involved in ensuring safety and confidence in the finished products.

Of particular importance with regard to the analytical process is the growth in use of the finite element method. This method, about 40 years ago, was confined to rather specialist use, mainly in the aeronautical field, because of its requirements for substantial calculation capacity. The development over recent years of extremely powerful microcomputers has ensured that the application of the finite element method is now possible for problems in all fields of engineering, and a variety of finite element packages have been developed to enhance the ease of use and the availability of the method in the engineering design process.

Keynote Papers. Shear strength of empty and infilled cassettes (J.M. Davies, A.S. Fragos). Stability and ductility of thin high strength G550 steele members and connections (C.A. Rogers et al. ). Thin-walled structural elements contianing openings (N.E. Shanmugan). Sensitivity analysis of thin-walled members, problems and applications (C. Szymczak). Some observations on the post-buckling behaviour of thin plates and thin-walled members (J. Rhodes). Sections with Selected Contents: Analysis, Design and Manufacture. Residual stresses in unstiffened plate specimens (M.R. Bambach, K.J.R. Rasmussen). Bridge Structures. Web breathing as a fatigue problem in bridge design (U. Kuhlmann, H.-P. Günther). Cold-Formed Sections. Modelling of the behaviour of a thin-walled channel section using beam finite elements (H. Degée). Composites. A model for ferrocement thin walled sructures (D. Abruzzese). Dynamic Loading (Cyclic, Impact and Vibration). Regular and chaotic behaviour of flexible plates (J. Awrejcewicz et al. ). Finite Element Analysis. The finite element method for thin-walled members - basic principles (M.C.M. Bakker, T. Peköz). Laminate and Sandwich Structures. The elasto-plastic postbuckling behaviour of laminated plates subjected to combined loading (R. Gradzki, K. Kowal-Michalska). Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis. Optimal design of steel telecommunication towers by interior point algorithms for non-linear programming (N.A. Cerqueira et al. ). Plate Structures. Buckling loads of variable thickness plates (A. Alexandrov, M. Eisenberger). Shell Structures. Validation of analytical lower bounds for the imperfection sensitive buckling of axially loaded rotationally symmetric shells (G.D. Gavrylenko, J.G.A. Croll). Ultimate Load Capacity. Experimental techniques for testing unstiffened plates in compression and bending (M.R. Bambach, K.J.R. Rasmussen).