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Materials for energy conversion devices

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Materials for energy conversion devices

Edited by C C Sorrell, J Nowotny, S Sugihara

ISBN 1 85573 932 1
Pages 432

The term electroceramic is used to describe ceramic materials that have been specially formulated with specific electrical, magnetic or optical properties. Electroceramics are of increasing importance in many key technologies including: microelectronics, communications and energy conversion. This innovative book is the first comprehensive survey on major new developments in electroceramics for energy conversion devices. It presents current research from leading innovators in the field.

Materials for photoelectrochemical devices; Photosensitive materials; Materials for solar cells; Defect chemistry of ternary oxides; Introduction to thermoelectricity; The measurement of thermoelectricity; Interface mass transport in oxide materials; Surface properties of ionic conductors; Fast ionic conductors; Oxygen ionic conductor; Solid oxide fuel cells; Polymer electrolyte fuel cells; Immobilisation of high-level radioactive waste from nuclear reactor fuel; Solid-state electrochemical gas sensors for emission control.