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Inspection Assessment and Recertification of Offshore Platforms

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Inspection Assessment and Recertification of Offshore Platforms

Various (edited by G J Lyons and D T Brown)

ISBN 1 874612 23 4
Pages 285

There is no doubt that the new goal-setting philosophy for managing offshore safety must alter the way in which structural reassessments may be conducted.
This being so we have gathered knowledge from authoritative senior engineers to produce a handbook of lecture notes from a training course which considers a risk based framework for managing offshore structures throughout their life time. Discussion is concentrated primarily on technical considerations.
The key objective of this volume is to cover the latest methods of inspection, assessment and recertification of offshore platforms including subsea pipelines, with the views of leading experts providing a unique insight into typical problems encountered and the most appropriate solutions.

Structural Inspection and Re-Assessment; Risk Management; Technological Development and Trends; Data management and Interpretation; Platform Instrumentation; Foundation Re-Analysis; Pipelines and Subsea Systems; Recertification; Defect Management; Ultimate Strength Analysis