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Computational welding mechanics

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Computational welding mechanics

L-E Lindgren

ISBN 1 84569 221 7
Pages 248

The book begins by discussing the physics of welding before going on to review modelling methods and options as well as validation techniques. It also reviews applications in areas such as fatigue, buckling and deformation, improved service life of components and process optimisation. Some of the numerical methods described in the book are illustrated using software available from the author which allows readers to explore CWM in more depth.

The multi-physics of welding; Couplings and reference frames; Thermo-mechanics of welding; Nonlinear heat flow; Nonlinear deformation; Numerical methods and modelling for efficient simulations; Calibration and validation strategy; Modelling options in computational welding mechanics (CWM); Modelling strategy; Robustness and stability; The current state of computational welding mechanics (CWM); Using computational welding mechanics (CWM) in practice: the Volvo Aero story.