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Aircraft system safety

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Aircraft system safety

D E Kritzinger

ISBN 1 84569 136 9
Pages 376

Demonstrating safety for the application of ever increasingly complex technologies is always a formidable task. In the event of an accident society want someone to blame. How would your records face up to legal scrutiny and how would you be able to demonstrate that you have taken reasonable care as a professional engineer/manager should you be faced with a court appearance? The problem is that many system engineers do not have the appropriate training; the required safety approaches, tools and techniques; and their managers do not know when and how they may be applied and appropriately resourced. This book aims to provide a basic skill-set for both safety practitioners and their managers by defining stakeholder (civil, military and legal) expectations and showing how these expectations can be efficiently accomplished and managed throughout the product lifecycle (i.e. from concept design to product disposal).

Safety within the legal framework; The safety concept; Standards and regulations; Risk based approach; Goal based approach; Hazards; The fail safe dimension; The safety assessment; The safety case; Numerical probabilistic approach; Minimum equipment lists; The safety management system; Concluding observations.