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Nanostructure control of materials

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Nanostructure control of materials

Edited by R H J Hannink, A J Hill

ISBN 1 85573 933 X
Pages 368

Nanotechnology is an area of science and technology where dimensions and tolerances in the range of 0.1nm to 100nm play a critical role. Nanotechnology has opened up new worlds of opportunity. It encompasses precision engineering as well as electronics, electromechanical systems and mainstream biomedical applications in areas as diverse as gene therapy, drug delivery and novel drug discovery techniques. Nanostructured materials present exciting opportunities for manipulating structure and properties on the nanometer scale. The ability to engineer novel structures at the molecular level has led to unprecedented opportunities for materials design. This new book provides detailed insights into the synthesis/structure and property relationships of nanostructured materials. A valuable book for materials scientists, mechanical and electronic engineers and medical researchers.

Introduction: Special properties resulting from nanodimensionality; Nanoparticle technologies and applications; Nanometric architectures: emergence of efficient non-; Nanostructure characterisation using electron-beam techniques; Organic/inorganic nanocomposite membranes for molecular separation processes; Developing fast ion conductors from nanostructured polymers; Designing nanostructures using biological materials; Magnetic resonance to study nanoprecipitation in light metal alloys; Nanocrystalline light metal hydrides for hydrogen storage; Nanoengineering of metallic materials; Mechanical behaviour of metallic nanolaminates; Preparation of monolithic nanocrystalline ceramics; Nanofabrication.