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Brittle matrix composites 8

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Brittle matrix composites 8

Edited by A M Brandt, V C Li, I H Marshall

ISBN 1 84569 031 1
Pages 600

The subjects of the Symposia are on composite materials with matrices behaving as brittle in normal or special conditions. Brittle matrix composites are applied in various domains (civil engineering, mechanical equipment and machinery, vehicles, etc.) and in the last decades their importance is increasing together with their variety. papers include: aggregate-binder composites (concretes, fibre concretes, rocks); sintered materials (ceramics); high strength composites with brittle matrices. In principle, the general problems of structures made of composite materials are not included in the papers. Various approaches to the material engineering problems are presented in the papers. Among others: Design and optimization of the structure of materials; Theoretical considerations and computational methods; Models of materials and prediction of material properties; Test methods and new test results; Manufacturing processes; Applications of new materials and their behaviour in service; Durability assessments and environmental effects.