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Analysis and design of plated structures

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Analysis and design of plated structures

Edited by N E Shanmugam, C M Wang

ISBN 1 84569 116 4
Pages 508

This second of two volumes on plated structures reviews dynamics, particularly vibration. Chapters review the behaviour of components such as beams and plates together with materials such as steel, ceramic-metal and other composites. Together with its companion volume, this important book summarises the wealth of research on understanding the behaviour of thin-walled (plated) components. It will be an invaluable reference for all those concerned with the design, construction and service life of plated structures.

Dynamic behaviour of tapered beams; GBT-based local and global vibration analysis of thin-walled members; Dynamics of non-prismatic thin-walled hybrid composite members of generic cross section; Differential quadrature element method for vibration analysis of plates; Least squares finite difference method for vibration analysis of plates; Analytical p-elements for vibration of plates/plated structures; The extended Kantorovich method for vibration analysis of plates; A closed-form approach to modelling and dynamic analysis of beams, plates and shell; Vibration of plates with abrupt changes in properties; Relationship between vibration frequencies of higher order plate theories and classical thin plate theory; Free vibration analysis of functionally graded ceramic-metal plates; Nonlinear transient analysis of hybrid laminated plates; A hybrid strategy for parameter identification of plated structures; Hydroelastic analysis of floating plated structures.