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Analysis and design of plated structures

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Analysis and design of plated structures

Edited by N E Shanmugam, C M Wang

ISBN 1 85573 967 4
Pages 508

Steel plated structures are used in a variety of marine and land-based applications, such as ships, off-shore platforms, power and chemical plants, box-girder cranes and bridges. This first volume in a two-volume sequence considers the various types of buckling that plated structures are likely to encounter. Chapters also review buckling in a range of materials from steel to differing types of composite. The book discusses the behaviour of differing types of components used in steel-plated structures as well as curved, stiffened, corrugated, laminated and other types of plate design. Together with its companion volume, this is an essential reference in the design, construction and maintenance of plated structures.

Lateral buckling of tapered steel members; Buckling of plates with variable inplane forces; Finite element formulation for plate stability analysis; Mesh-free methods for buckling analysis of stiffened and corrugated plates; Plastic buckling of plates; Mechanical and thermal buckling of ceramic-metal plates; Thermal buckling and postbuckling of laminated plates; Local and interaction buckling in composite columns; Buckling and postbuckling of stiffened composite structures; Analysing the strength and ductility of plated structures; Concrete-filled steel box columns; Analysis of corrugated web plates in bridge structures; Interaction of curvature on the stability and design of curved plate girders; Buckling failure of structures consisting of curved plates; Local buckling and postbuckling analysis of light gauge steel members.