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Artificial cells, cell engineering and therapy

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Artificial cells, cell engineering and therapy

Edited by S Prakash

ISBN 1 84569 036 2
Pages 544

This authoritative reference work provides a detailed study of the most up-to-date developments in artificial cells, cell engineering and cell therapy. It covers design, engineering and uses of artificial cells. The clinical relevance of artificial cells and cell engineering is assessed. This is a highly dynamic sector with growing interest in the use of engineered cells in controlled release of active drugs and other therapeutic agents.

Part 1 The artificial cell: Introduction to artificial cells: concept, history, design, current status and future; Polymeric hydrophilic polymers in targeted drug delivery; The artificial cell design: liposomes; The artificial cell design: nanoparticles. Part 2 Cell engineering: The cutting edge: apoptosis and therapeutic opportunity; Bone marrow stromal cells in myocardial regeneration and the role of cell signalling; Musculoskeletal tissue engineering with skeletal muscle-derived stem cells. Part 3 Artificial cells for cell therapy: Artificial cell for oral delivery of live bacterial cells for therapy; Artificial cells in liver disease; Artificial cells as a novel approach to gene therapy; Capillary devices for therapy. Part 4 The clinical relevance of artificial cells and cell engineering: Artificial cells in medicine: with emphasis on blood substitutes; Bone marrow stromal cells as ‘universal donor cells???for myocardial regeneration therapy; Myocardial regeneration, tissue engineering and therapy; Kidney diseases and potentials of artificial cells; Engineered cells for treatment of diabetes; Drug delivery system for active brain targeting; Artificial cells in enzyme therapy with emphasis on tyrosinase for melanoma in mice; Stem cell and regenerative medicine: commercial and pharmaceutical implications; Acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome (ALI/ARDS): the mechanism, present therapy and therapeutic potential of cell-based therapy; Inflammatory bowel diseases: current treatment strategies and potential for drug delivery using artificial cell microcapsules; Carrier-mediated and artificial-cell targeted cancer drug delivery.