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Building and Programming Lego Mindstorm Robots Kit 2 Book Set and

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Building and Programming Lego Mindstorm Robots Kit 2 Book Set and

ISBN 193183671X
Pages 1000

The kit includes:
Building Robots with LEGO Mindstorms (1-928994-67-9) This best seller provides readers with a fundamental understanding of the geometry, electronics, engineering, and programming required to build your own robots. Mario and Giuli Ferrari are world-renowned experts in the field of Lego Mindstorms robotics, and in this book they share their unrivaled knowledge and expertise of robotics and provide a series of chapters detailing how to design and build the most exotic robots. Mario and Giulio also give detailed explanations of how to integrate Lego Mindstorms kits with other Lego programmable bricks such as Scout and Cybermaster, as well as with non-robotic Lego Technic models.
Programming LEGO Mindstorms with Java (1-928994-55-5) This book teaches readers how to program their robotic creations and bring them to life! Until recently, the only languages available to program Lego Mindstorms were NQC, pbForth, and legOS. This is one of the first books detailing how to program Lego Mindstorms using the newly released Java Virtual Machine for Lego Mindstorm programming.