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Refocus Marine Renewable Energy Report

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Refocus Marine Renewable Energy Report

Adam Westwood

ISBN 185617462X
Pages 195

The Refocus Marine Renewable Energy Report presents detailed market forecasts and analysis for the 2005???009 period. Forecasts show Capex and capacity, and are split by component and country. Future markets for marine renewables cabling, foundations and turbines are also given.

The modelling process looks at each renewable energy project on an individual basis, carefully assessing its viability and timescale in light of market forces such as governmental policy, financing, supply and demand of contractors etc. With this methodology DWL can accurately forecast when future expenditure and installations will occur.

Included in this report
* A development history of each sector of the marine energy market
* The market drivers of the marine renewables industry are fully explained, from government renewables targets, through future energy supply, to climate change
* The technologies of each sector are discussed, profiled, and forecasts given for their future market
* Analyses of the issues impacting on the marine energy industry including supply and demand of installation vessels, the supply of steel, project financing, planning etc.
* A valuable appendix of company and project profiles plus tables of every marine renewable energy project worldwide, showing key details

These forecasts are unique in their level of detail and accuracy. DWL manage the World Offshore Wind Database, and World Wave & Tidal Database, extensive project databases with up to 60 fields of data on each wind, wave and tidal project in operation and planning worldwide. These data sources have been in place for four years and are constantly updated giving an up to date industry view. By only using this data for identified projects, the subsequent market forecasts are grounded in reality.