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V. Hernandez, G.W. Irwin

ISBN 0080436854
Pages 254

The 6th IFAC Workshop on Algorithms and Architectures for Real-Time Control (AARTC'2000) was held at Palma de Mallorca, Spain. The objective, as in previous editions, was to show the state-of-the-art and to present new developments and research results in software and hardware for real-time control, as well as to bring together researchers, developers and practitioners, both from the academic and the industrial world.

The AARTC'2000 Technical Program consisted of 11 presented sessions, covering the major areas of software, hardware and applications for real-time control. In particular, sessions adressed robotics, embedded systems, modeling and control, fuzzy logic methods, industrial process control and manufacturing systems, neural networks, parallel and distributed processing, processor architectures for control, software design tools and methodologies, and SCADA and multi-layer control. A total of 38 papers were selected from high-quality full draft papers and late breaking paper contributions (consisting of extended abstracts). Participants from 15 countries attended the AARTC'2000 workshop.

The technical program also included two plenary talks given by leading experts in the field. Roger Goodall (Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Loughborough University, UK) presented 'Perspectives on processing for real-time control', and Ricardo Sanz (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain), focused on 'CORBA for Control Systems'. Another highlight in the program was the final session on industrial presentations which was held in common with the Workshop on Real-Time Programming (WRTP'2000). In this session, Abel Jiménez (Industria de Turbo Propulsores S. A., Spain) presented the 'Thrust Vectoring System Control Concept', Ulrich Schmid (Technische Universität Wien, Austria) made a presentation with the title 'Applied Research: A Scientist's Perspective', and Harold W. Lawson (Lawson Konsult AB, Sweden) addressed 'Systems Engineering of a Successful Train Control System'.

Plenary Paper I . Perspectives on processing for real-time control (R. Goodall). Robotics I . Reference architecture for robot teleoperation: development details and practical use (B. Álvarez et al. ). Industrial robot multirate control with the VxWorks real-time operating system (J. Salt et al. ). Reducing memory access time in the real-time implementation of signal processing and control algorithms (U. Kabir et al. ). Force and position control of robotic manipulators: an experimental approach (L.F. Baptista, J.M.G. Sá da Costa). Embedded Systems . DICOS: a real-time distributed industrial control system for embedded applications (J.C. Campelo et al. ). Application-level time-out support for real-time embedded systems (V. De Florio et al. ). Towards unified compositional design of control systems (J. Vain, M. Kääramees). Modelling and Control . Robust and efficient software for control problems: the SLICOT library (I. Blanquer et al. ). Interval model predictive control (J.M. Bravo et al. ). Optimisation algorithms for input/output structure selection of large multivariable control systems (M. Zhang, L.F. Yeung). Fuzzy Logic Methods . Control of power system using adaptive fuzzy controller (O. Calvo). Neural network optimisation using genetic algorithm: a hierarchical fuzzy method (S.K. Sharma, M.O. Tokhi). Fuzzy predictive algorithms applied to force control of robotic manipulators (J.M. Sousa et al. ). Plenary Paper II . CORBA for control systems (R. Sanz). Industrial Process Control and Manufacturing Systems . Real-time control of an air motor incorporating a pneumatic h-bridge (M.O. Tokhi et al. ). Design of distributed manufacturing systems using UML and petri nets (B. Bordbar et al. ). Neural Networks . Probability estimation algorithms for self-validating sensors (A.W. Moran et al. ). A MLP prediction model for power plant NOx emission (S. Thompson, K. Li). Identification of aircraft gas-turbine dynamics using b-splines neural networks (J.C. Lopes et al. ). A parallel variable memory BFGS training algorithm (S. McLoone). Robotics II . High performance algorithm for tracking trajectories of robot manipulators (J.C. Fernández et al. ). Adaptive QoS management system for autonomous vehicles (H. Hassan et al. ). Communications structure for sensor fusion in distributed real time systems (J.L. Posadas et al. ). Parallel and Distributed Processing . Adaptive generalized predictive control algorithm automatic parallelization using MAPS environment (H.A. Daniel, A.E. Ruano). Memory management and communication on homogeneous and heterogeneous parallel systems (P. Ventura et al. ). Towards the simplified computation of time-frequency distributions for signal analysis (F. García Nocetti et al. ). Processor Architectures for Control . A control system processor architecture for complex LTI controllers (R. Goodall et al. ). Employing a microcontroller architecture for the implementation of an advanced PID autotuner (A. Leva, R. Manenti). Interpreted petri net approach for design of dedicated reactive systems (M. Adamski, M. Wegrzyn). SW Design Tool and Methodologies . Low cost implementation of mathematical functions using piecewise interpolation (J.A. Rodríguez Mondéjar et al. ). MATLAB-based real-time framework for distributed control systems (M.M. Marcos et al. ). An object-oriented infrastructure for distributed process control (D.N. Ramos-Hernandez et al. ). DLL's simplify process tuning (A. Doonan et al. ). On identifying and evaluating object architectures for real-time applications (L.B. Becker et al. ). Scada and Multi-Layer Control . Supervised real-time control with PLCS and SCADA in ceramic plant (E. Jiménez et al. ). Real-time video for distributed control systems (J.A. Clavijo et al. ). Industrial Presentation . Thrust vectoring system control concept (A. Jiménez, D. Icaza). Author index . Series: IFAC Proceedings Volumes